February 25, 2013

Finally, I made my first button!!


Grab it, Share it, Love it ;)

I really should just pay a professional to create a custom button, header, and layout, since this is turning into a royal hodgepodge. However, I got home today and went to grab my favorite sweatpants out of the dryer to find out that it never finished drying. I turned the dial back for an extra 10-ish mins, and I got nothin'. I sure hope I don't have to buy a new one, but just in case.. I'm about to start pinching pennies. Hellooo, coupon inserts! Here I come!! Who am I kidding? I love to coupon.


  1. How in the world did you design your own?? Sharing on my page now!

    1. I just found frame as a freebie on Shabby Blogs http://shabbyblogsblog.blogspot.com/
      They have tons of blank freebies like headers, buttons, backgrounds, and frames! FotoFlexer is a great free, online software for editing images.