February 28, 2013

Blog Connect

Today I found this pretty kick-ass site, Blog Connect, that allows us to hook up with other bloggers to discuss any and everything blog related (and then some). I've found myself attached to this site today, between calls of course, learning more about how to be a better blogger and how to build my online presence. 

Once I got there, I was introduced to Passionfruit Ads. I created an account to sign up for my first ever sponsorship with Helene (Helene Inbetween) on Blog connect. It was a super easy, and I for my lovely followers, I am offering free space! You can find the promocode under the Blog Love tab at the top (or here works too..) Click the Buy button, and enter all of your information including the free promo code. Seriously, that's all! You'll receive and email from Passionfruit and myself letting you know if your sponsorship was approved and when you should expect to see it being posted proudly for all to see! The only thing I ask of you is that you return the favor of displaying my button on your sidebar or button swap page as well. See it's a beautiful relationship we're about to have, right? You can find my button information on the sidebar over there <-------- font="">


  1. Isn't Blog Connect great!? I'm gonna do your button swap! You can come do mine too so it's with the other buttons! I'm doing the exact same thing at my blog!!

    1. Nevermind! I figured out how to do it myself! I'm a little slow! :)

  2. I added your button to my page. I'm gonna eventually fix a page for nothing but bloggers buttons.

  3. I tried to do the button and all and the code but couldnt. but i'm adding your button to my page anyways