May 18, 2013

We saw Alabama!

A few months ago while I was on my lunch break, I saw on the billboard out in front of the fox that Alabama was coming to town. I told Billy about it and he was determined to buy tickets. The morning of tickets were selling like wild fire, so I just went ahead walked over to the box office and jumped on them before he missed out! So for Billy's birthday, he got two tickets to see Alabama! Fast foward to about 2 weeks ago, I found out that my favorite aunt and uncle had also received tickets to the same show as an anniversary present. This made me doubly excited!!

To explain why a 24 year old would care to see a bunch of old guys: I have been a huge fan of the band since I was pipsqueak. Yes I agree, I had a slighted warped taste of music as a child, because I would just steal my dad's cds because I didn't have money (this is back when they were expensive) and this was even before Kazaa was around. So I listened to "Song of the South" on repeat as child--perfectly normal!

The show finally came last night! It was so great to finally be back at the Fabulous Fox Theatre!! I got to show my aunt and uncle around my new town. I even got to introduce them to the legendary Atlanta landmark  Mary Mac's! If you've never been to Mary Mac's, you are missing out! Here are a few pictures from our night out!
Also notice my work home's head got cut out of the shot. WTG Billiam.

Mary Mac's Tea Room! Love this Place! Yes, I had tomato pie. :)

Billiam looks like a possessed children's doll. Way to ruin a good picture, boss.

You bet you buttons I was wearing my boots!

I loved the entire thing! Oh yea, and Billy did too, of course :) I felt a little teased, when Randy put on an Atlanta Braves hat. My eyes lit up and I looked at Billy and said, "I hope that means they're going to play cheap seats!" {You can take the girl out of the ball park, but you can't take the ball park out of the girl} Unfortunately they didn't, but I got to hear all my other favorites, and scream COLD BEER during Dixieland Delight, so all is well in the world! :)

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