May 16, 2013

My company is cooler than yours

Let's face it, my company is cooler than yours. There's no competition  so just don't even bother.
We have two firm wide outings every year to celebrate the end of our busy seasons, plus a few department outings here and there. Next week, my department is taking the day off and going to hang out in the company suite at the Braves game! Also throw in the constant free catered dinners and lunches, the unheard of amount of pto and other benefits, and we're all just flipping awesome, of course.

Yesterday we closed the doors early, and went to a local brewery for food, drinks, live music, and just an all around good time. We all had such a good time. We also took the spot light away from us for a while, and instead highlighted our recent efforts to raise money for St Baldrick's, a foundation that aims to cure childhood cancer.

Yes, I was practicing for the aforementioned corn hole tournament.

 How cute are these cup rests in the bathrooms?!

 Part of the way to encourage us to participate in the fund raiser, some of the guys (I think about 6) auctioned off the opportunity for their co-workers to shave their heads! Those who gave a minimum amount were put into a pot  and drawn. Whomever's name was drawn got the chance to take the buzzer into their own hands. A few generous people even upped the ante and tried to bid out those with an additional hefty donation. It was all for a great cause!

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