May 21, 2013

While I've been away..

This weekend some of our closest friends got married! Ironically enough, their names are Meghan and Billy too. Billy coaches with my Billy. Yes, it gets just as confusing as it sounds. Regardless, it was such a fun time getting to celebrate with them, their other friends, and families.

Since both of them are Yankees, most of their guests were from out of town. Everyone came down early to help get everything ready and to, of course, spend some time with them while they could. Since everyone was going to be arriving on Friday or Saturday, they decided to through a pre-wedding reception  I don't want to call it a rehearsal dinner, because there was no rehearsing going on. There were just a lot of people having a great time at Meg and Billy's home over some fabulous bbq and king of pop's ice cream! The only fun story I have from that night is that someone walked through the sliding doors, thus knocking my drink all into my phone. Okay, so maybe not fun at all. I was highly disappointed, boarder line pissed (well not at the person, because he couldn't help it.. just as the fact that it happened) At first it was toast, but after a night spent soaking in rice, she's alive. Crisis averted!
{sorry, I am pathetic and apparently didn't take any pictures. Instead you get a gif of what I looked like when I realized my phone didn't work}

Sunday was the big day!
They decided to get married in the beautiful Gibbs gardens. I have heard so many great things about this venue, and I was so excited to finally see it! Unfortunately, the weather wasn't wanting to cooperate. As soon as the Groom arrived, he was told that the garden location they had originally planned for the ceremony had been flooded. They compromised and found another suitable location. About 10 minutes prior to the ceremony's start, the bottom fell out and we were all quickly relocated under the tent that was set up for the reception. Well, the show must go on, and since the rain wasn't going away at all, the ceremony ended up taking place there. It was very a very small, sweet, intimate ceremony with only a few of their closest friends and family. I loved that.
I also so much loved how calm the bride was throughout all of the changes that had to happen. Had it been me, I would have given out rain checks, and said come back next week when it's sunny. They were just as happy getting married in an impromptu tent as they would have been getting married in the rose garden they initially envisioned. Snaps for them!
After the ceremony and reception, we were able to tour the many many acres of the garden. The staff was so kind and welcoming, even on one of the dreariest of days! I hope to go back soon on a more dry day where I can meander through the gardens.

After the wedding, a nap was high on my to do list. After the nap, Billy and I went and bought him some more dress clothes to wear to another upcoming wedding this Summer. I was determined to have his out fit color coordinated with the wedding party and theme. He also surprised me and took me to best buy to finally buy my birthday present, an iPad mini!! Eek! I'm so excited. It came just in time for the first Summer ball series this weekend! I'm looking forward to keeping stats on it! Here's the case I ordered to go on it.. well, except it will say Megan, but I'm sure you could figure that out yourself.

As I told you, I signed up to participate for the Atlanta Corporate Challenge! Yesterday I competed in the Go Kart racing competition! I raced 2 heats, coming in 1st on my 1st one, and 3rd in my second. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough and we didn't win medals, but how often do you get to race Go Karts for work? Plus, with my road rage, I was made for this competition! 

I know it's Tuesday, and a normal blogger should have updated you on most of this Sunday night, but in the life of a systems administrator, when things are broken, you don't have time to do fun or blog stuff. So my brain is pretty much mush right now, hence why you don't have a much more in depth post. I also know this is an uber long post, and I apologize for that too, but I figured I'd give you all the deets you missed out on!

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  1. what a nice weekend! very cute dress you wore to the wedding.

    go karts are awesome on any day!! i always try to do them when i'm on vacation and places have them :)

    cute case!