May 22, 2013

Being a brat is no way to get what you want

Let me go on a little rant. I am not your mama. I am not your keeper.. 
and I am most DEFINITELY not your little bitch. 

I have had it up to the proverbial "here" point with people and their cranky attitudes.

Seriously, I am about to explode and the glitter and bourbon that I am made up of are going to splatter everywhere. So put on your safety goggles ladies.

I worked almost a 12 hour work day yesterday just to grant peoples wishes and make them happy. When something's broke, it's my job to fix it. Okay, cool.. I got your back like a sweater! Problem fixed. My brain was (as still is) mush from working about 20 hours on 1 and only 1 project for 2 days.
I came in this morning, brain still mush, to a few minor issues, but I was only supposed to be working a half day. You get time off, I deserve time off too. Regardless, I stayed later than I was planning to get these issues resoled before I left. Cool. Problems solved. Go team!
I leave, and I receive all of these rude, needy, bratty, emails from people with a tone that was lucky that didn't result in my foot being firmly planted up their ass.

Seriously, if you want me to help you, what about a snarky attitude makes anyone want to help you?

Side note: also, before you cock your attitude with me, double check your emails to make sure I am the one you need to be ruffling your tail feathers to. No, m'am, you didn't talk to me, so I suggest you slow you roll, and take two steps back before I you get a round house kick to the face.

So unless you come to me tomorrow baring airhead extremes, a unicorn, or to give me a winning lottery ticket, I suggest you take a look at the sign on the door, because it is likely to read that office belongs to Angry Spice.

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  1. I love this. Print this out and post it on your door, hahaha.