May 6, 2013

You see.. what was SUPPOSED to had happen was

I don't know about where you are, but the weather SUCKED this weekend in Atlanta. I have had an itinerary of weekend plans scheduled this time last week. However when it came time to execute, I seriously had no desire to do anything because it was so nasty outside. Nothing we had wanted to do came to pass.. did I just go all bible on you?

What was supposed to happen Friday Night
Earlier in the week, I found out that my sweet friend Rachel was going to be playing her first show in Georgia in ages (or what felt like ages).

What actually happened Friday Night
I had every single intention of driving out to see Rachel be the badass that she is. After I got off on Friday, death was setting in and this is what I did with my life instead. She will forgive me, so it will be ok. Regardless, I'm overdue for a visit with her and her equally as badass mom.

What was supposed to Happen Saturday
I had the corn hole tournament I was telling you about. Billy had plans to play golf. After we both finished, we were heading to Macon for a wedding shower.

What actually Happened Saturday
Because of the weather, the corn hole tournament was canceled/postponed. (I'm not actually sure which) Thank God! Whew.. that was a close one. Billy's golf outing was also canceled. Sad Day. However the good news, the shower was still on.
Saturday night, Billy and I went down to Macon to celebrate Tyler and Amanda's upcoming marriage with a low country boil! This was my first time eating low country boy, and boy have I been missing out!
Isn't he adorable?!

After dinner, they unwrapped all of their presents. I'm fairly certain the part about getting married that I look forward to most, is all the presents you get. I mean, look at this gem!

 Who knew the hooters calendar had scratch and sniff!?

What was supposed to happen Sunday
I have been dying to go take Baby Casey to The Ted for Bark in the Park. I mean, it's not like the dog ever goes to a baseball game or anything! We had also planned, that if we didn't go see Rachel Friday and if we didn't go to the Braves game, we'd go see Edwin McCain play in Duluth.

What actually happened Sunday
We didn't get back from Macon until about 1am. I was a one tired girl. I slept in, and then I took a nap before I even got out of bed. I felt like death (or maybe it was just allergies I was playing up to get Billy to wait on me.. shh). I still had intentions of sucking it up and getting out and enjoying the weekend, but when I looked out to see what to expect for a Braves game it was cold and dreary. I go to enough baseball games, I don't have to sit through a cold, wet one when I don't have to. I think because I didn't get up and moving, my sinuses got worse (seriously this time). We ran a few errands and grabbed lunch, and I went back to my couch for a cuddle sesh with my pup. 4:00 rolled around, which would be about the time we needed to start showering and getting ready to go to the show, but going out looking respectable in public was the LAST thing on my mind. Instead we went to pick some stuff up at the other Meg and Billy's, grabbed dinner, and went grocery shopping--all still in the rain.

What an exciting life I live! On another note, I need to post a help wanted add for all my friends in the Atlanta area! Roll Callllllllll.. If this rain doesn't stop, I'm going to need help building an arc. Who's in? If you help, you get to ride and bring all your pets (live or stuffed).


  1. Bummer about the weather!! But still seems like you had a great weekend b:)


  2. your weekend sounds as fun as ours. seriously though you've never had low country of my favorites and sooo easy to make

  3. A scratch and sniff calendar. What will they think of next?