May 26, 2013

May Cara Box Reveal

This month, I was so excited to be paired up with my California girl, Sonya, from Sea Salt and Caramel. She's a San Francisco girl born and raised, but has European roots that run deep. She's a gorgeous, sweet girl with quite and eye for fashion! I've loved getting to know her this month! She pulled together such a great box for me! I was beside myself when I found this sitting on my desk. I know most people wait and open the box while they document it, buuuuut let me remind you that I am very impatient and have zero self control. So this is a reenactment of me opening it--PS I was just as excited the second time as I was the first time. 

This month's theme was a box about where you are from, so I was obviously anxious to see what West coast treasures my California girl was going to send to me! Inside my cara box, I found the cutest little SF postcard from her explaining all of it's contents (Why didn't I think of a post card for Krystal!?).

She packed for me:
 A travel book from a local book store do chronicle all of my adventures.
A box of matches also from the local book store with her favorite novel
Lip balm from San Francisco's famous Ben and Jerry's
Chocolate from a SF toffee shop, because she knows how I can't live without my midnight snacks :)
and this shot glass which depicts some of the notable sights of her hometown.

What a joy it has been to get to know Sonya over these past couple of weeks. She is a doll in ever sense of the word! Check out her blog, tell her I sent you! :)

 Also, be sure to head over to Pressing Pause, to see what Georgia goodies I packed up in a Cara box for my sin city native, Krystal. I promise, you are going to love her! I can't say enough good things about this lady. Southerners will appreciate the box of Southern Belle must-haves I sent to her!

Cara Box


  1. Love your box!! Everything's perfect! :)

  2. That is such a fun package! I wish I'd though to find some fun little souvenirs to add, but I'm not even sure where to get those here! lol