September 19, 2013

The Newlywed game: Dating edition

Let's try a twist on the classic favorite, the newlywed game. Let's see how well Billiam and I know each other and our relationship after 3 and a half lovely years of dating. I sent him a series of questions that I was also answering myself. Let's see how long he's going to be in the dog house..

Queue the game show music, Let's playyyyyy  the "Not so Newlywed game"

What was the first meal your significant other cooked for you?
Billy: Spaghetti
Megan: He cooked some weird chicken and Parmesan potatoes. He also talked up the menu via text when he told me there was spinach dip. I got there and it was just some frozen spinach dip. Total let down. 
Not our first dinner, but he has gotten better since his first attempt
Who is the safer driver?
Billy: Definitely me
Megan: I have a MUCH better driving record, but people just don't think I'm capable. I'm telling you, I got this. 

What was the first movie you saw together?
Billy: I believe it was Shrek 3
Megan: Good Will Hunting

Share the details of your first date? (When, where, what was the other wearing, conversation)
Billy: Our first "date" was her coming over to participate in movie night. Our first official date other than just hanging out was at Pickle Barrel.
Megan: We went to Pickle Barrel on a Thursday night in January. I remember that because it was trivia night. I had on my pink boots. We sat by the windows and played trivia along with the "find the item" game on our table. 

The infamous pink boots
If you could have the other take over what household chore, which would you and they choose and why
Billy: I don't think I understand the question...but dishes
Megan: I'd let him take over laundry. He'd want me to take over cleaning the bathroom. 

Where did you share your first kiss?
Billy: My apartment
Megan: Billys couch in his apartment on the 3rd time we hung out. 

Who is better at pinching pennies?
Billy: Megan
Megan: Him. I can get a deal,  but I always end up shopping with the money I saved. Billy is just good at going straight home after work and not spending a dime. 

What celeb does the other most resemble?
Billy: I have no idea
Megan: Perez Hilton

Who made the 1st move?
Billy: I guess I did
Megan: I think he did?

How did you first meet?
Billy: She threatened to kill me if I touched her car
Megan: He gave my roommates and I ride home from downtown one night. I later told him I was going to murder him. We ran into each other a few weeks later at a show. He totally crushed my game and stopped the free drinks I had rolling in from the nice boy that night. He offered to give us a ride home again. I politely declined, but gave him my number instead. 

What was your first fight about?
Billy: Me being gone to much
Megan: Likely to be something about baseball. We have only had like two fights.. pretty sure both baseball related. 

Who gets the last word?
Billy: definitely not me
Megan: I get the last word on everything but one topic

Which one is the clumsiest?
Billy: definitely not me
Megan: I am more graceful than him, that's for sure.

I shouldn't be surprised he remembers as much as he did. He's so good at the little things, even when I don't think he's paying attention. For the record, I am totally not a clutz!

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