September 12, 2013

Blogtember - Blogging made me doing it..

Discuss ways that blogging or social media has changed you.

You have no idea how long I've been waiting to use this gif
Since I've began taking blogging more seriously than I had before, I've found myself being more open. More than ever, I've found myself looking into to try new things, because I know they'd be great material to share with all of you. Unfortunately for you, I sometimes forget to take pictures to make my posts useful or even worth reading so I never really share them with you, but the fact is that I have stepped outside my every day norm. I've loved all the new places and things I am finding in my new city. Likewise, I've also found myself being more open to new products that all of you recommend. Before, I had my stuff and I was sticking to it, Now I love the products I've tried because some of you said it was worth the switch.

Another one of my favorite things that blogging, in particular, has changed me is how it has caused me to get out and do something with myself rather than rot in my apartment after my work is done. I will get out and be social, get a good project under my belt, try a new restaurant, in order to have something good to talk about/make myself seem more cool than I really am. I'll get out and see my friends, because cool kids have friends. Nobody likes to read blogs of lame people, obviously.. 

Blogging has also made me start taking more pictures again, which you probably wouldn't believe based on the number of camera phone pictures I share. Regardless, I'm still taking more than I was taking around the time I started blogging and I am capturing memories again. I love looking through old pictures, and I haven't had many in recent months to a year, but I'm catching back up. 

However, my favorite thing about blogging would be the amount of confidence it has given me knowing that people like what they read, or at least pretend to. I know when I go out anda bout that not a single soul that I run into on a daily basis reads my blog nor cares that I do blog, but somehow it still makes me really happy. You know, the new panties kind of happy--It just gives you a little extra self confidence, even though no one else knows you just jumped on the 5 for $25 deal at VS. It's such a weird feeling to explain, but I'm sure you all can relate too. 


  1. Stopping by from the Blogtember link up! Love your explanation of "new underwear kind of happy"! So accurate! Looking forward to reading more of your posts!


  2. Isn't blogging the best?! I feel the same way. I wasn't super shy when I started blogging but since getting back into it over the last year and a half I've met so many awesome people and tried so many things I wouldn't have normally done. Crazy how this online world of ours can make us do things like that!

  3. I too have found myself taking more pictures. It's nice because at the end of the year I pull in all of my blog posts (besides link ups) and all my other social media important updates and create a book. I then give that book to my family members as a gift to fill them in on what I've been up to the past year! It takes a LONG time to make but I love it. My blog keeps me accountable for all my events too :)

  4. Yip, I take a lot more pictures as well. It's like my camera is permanently attached to

    Mel's Corner

  5. Anyone who uses a How I Met Your Mother clip surely gets my vote. ;) I feel the very same way. It not only got me taking more pictures but also improving them. I've got a long ways to go and a lot to learn but it's been neat to see the growth in my photography skills, in writing and everything else blogging impacts. Thanks for sharing your story!

  6. You are SO right! Blogging makes me get out and do more things as well. I think I have 25 pictures from our first year of marriage. Total. Yikes! No I get 25 pictures in one weekend (which is my hubs worst nightmare, HA!) But I'm so glad... I wouldn't be documenting my baby's growth near as much if it weren't for social media!

  7. I totally agree with you. Love the extra push to get out the door instead of staying in. I mean, I love posting pics of my cats but I am pretty sure my readers want to see a little more than that. :-)