September 18, 2013

May the re-decorating commence.

I'm sorry for the brief hiatus. I've been swamped at work, and when I get home I don't even want to think about touching a computer. However, I missed you all--I'm sure the feeling is mutual.

What's new in my world? I did a lot of rearranging of my apartment. I got some new furniture and therefore had to rearrange the old. I decided to set up a desk area that I could actually use for my after-hours work and, more importantly, my blogging. I've done nothing to dress it up yet, but this is something just to show my progress. This little nook is in the corner of my dinning area. It's the perfect size and location for my desk that I had shoved in a corner, not being utilized in my bedroom.

So now I I am officially beginning the process of slowly redecorating my bedroom. However, that hopefully will be halted soon, because I'll start dedicating all extra funds to the "Change Megan's last name" account. I have finally decided on a color scheme for the room that I want to run with: Coral, turquoise, with Navy accents.

I love this bedroom. I've realized I have a slight obsession with quatrefoil. I'm just afraid what a puppy and sweaty boy would do to this pretty white bedding. How easy is it to keep white white?
That being said, I have to decide between a duvet or comforter. Opinions/experience with that anyone? I've only ever had comforters, so I wouldn't know.

I'm also envisioning a coral comforter, turquoise/light blue sheets, with navy maybe in the throw pillows and wall accents? I'm also going to paint my dresser the same shade of turquoise to throw in a pop of color too!

I'm excited about getting rid of all my pink/green stuff, and feeling really good about transitioning into big girl colors and a more modern style. What do you think


  1. I love Coral & Navy, and those color palettes are amazing!

    Having a giveaway over at my blog, very Southern appropriate, you should come check it out, they have something for GA girls :)

  2. Husbands make it impossible to keep white clean! My super nice white sheets I got for my wedding are ruined on the hubby's side a white comforter might not be as bad though. I have never had a duvet until I got married. We got a down comforter and a PB duvet and I have had the hardest time with it. The biggest problem is the comforter won't stay positioned right inside the duvet. It drives me crazy because it is all tied in so I am on the hunt for a regular comforter.

  3. Really loving the colors! Cant wait to see the finished transition!

  4. I absolutely love that color scheme!!!! Your blog is the same color scheme and I am SUPER jealous!