September 2, 2013

"Chillin' it" on Labor Day Weekend

Let me start by saying that Labor Day is my second favorite holiday of the year. True story. It's a day off from work to do whatever I please. I'm not obligated to do "family" stuff. If I want to be a bum, I can be. If I want to be a gypsy for the weekend, then gosh darn it I will, and I did just that!

Friday night we finally got to use the tickets I've had stuck on the refrigerator for about a month now. We went to see Cole Swindell. Now, if you have never heard of Mr. Swindell, I suggest you go ahead and get your youtube on right now. He is high on my list of favorites right now, and pretty soon you'll all love him too. He has already made a name for himself from being on last year's farm tour and as a songwriter, and most recently as the newest member of the Warner Brother's label.. We met up with Billy's best friend and we headed down to Peachtree Tavern in Buckhead for the parking lot party. This was the first one that I've ever known of them having, and it was a ton of fun. I hope they have more events like this in the future! We had a complete and total blast. I loved seeing all of my favorite friends and the awesome, crazy friend "DJ Rock" or whatever he will be answering to on the Farm Tour this fall!

Look at Billy sporting his Peach State Pride gear! We ran into our friend and owner of the company, Derek,  at the show and he got us hooked up. You've heard me rave about this company before here

Admit it, you just danced a bit.

Billy and I had a bet before we left that somebody we knew or were fans of was going to make a "special" appearance. I won when Craig Kimbrel and Chris Johnson decided to show up after their win against the Marlins to help out with Cole's current radio single and Johnson's walkout song, "Chillin" it!!

Kimrbel is in the dead center in white and Johnson is on the far left in crimson

I swear that is NOT me singing, so don't start judging me as if it was. 

On our way out, we spied pretty much the rest of the braves roster and Chipper! Who came out after the game for the show too. That was a cool moment, until Brian McCann big leagued me after we almost ran into each other. I think he knows I think David Ross deserved his job. Billy says it was because I was standing in between a man who likes beer and his beer, which could also be true.. but I digress.

Saturday morning I went to my parents to spend the day. It was weird being back home. It was the first time I had really spent time there in months. Everything stays the same there--not even a new coat of paint or a pressure wash. It's sad seeing my little town go to crap. I spent the day around the house. Sunday morning I went and spent part of the morning and had lunch with my grandparents. I love hearing old stories of when my grandma was little and how things used to be. It makes me long for simpler days and small town life again. 

After lunch, I started my journey back to Atlanta. I decided to take back roads to get to the interstate, but about the time I was supposed to be veering on to the ramp to head south, my wheel kept going straight. I realized that I was only 30 mins away from Billy's game that day, so I couldn't help but keep heading north. My heart was too happy to leave the roads that made me feel so free, so a little detour was going to fit well into the plans I was making for myself that day. A short Sunday drive later, I found myself surprising Billy at his game! It was fun seeing the surprised look on his face when I walked up, because he honestly had no idea I was coming. But hey, I figure if i'm in the neighborhood with no plans, I might as well!

After the game, I found myself on another detour I hadn't planned on taking.  This time it was to the cabin to spend labor day in Blue Ridge! Definitely not what I thought I was going to be doing when I woke up that day, but I love being able to fly by the seat of my pants when life allows it. The best part of that trip, we got to take one of my favorite scenic routes there right at sunset. I wish I would have been able to snap a good picture of the pinks and purples that the clouds made as we came across the ridge in Dahlonega! We found our way to the cabin just in time to enjoy the last hundred laps of the race. We sound like such rednecks.

Today we enjoyed a day without any labor whatsoever. I slept in past 5:00! Now that is what a call a good day. We just spent the day doing a little bit of nothing worth talking about. Here was our view on our way to grab lunch! Gorgeous, huh? I love it there. I can't get enough of the mountains. It just makes my soul feel like it's home. 

Now it's back to work tomorrow, but on the upside, who doesn't love a good 4 day week?

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