September 24, 2013

Blogtember - A review of my current favorite album

Review a book, place, or product.

It's no secret around these parts that my first love and obsession is music. I cannot get enough new music loaded on to my ipod quick enough. I was that go-to friend for all the best mix cds in high school. Those that know me personally can attest to that. That being said,  et me tell you about my latest obsession, Sundy Best. You've heard me rave about these guys before, but let me reiterate my love for them. 

Back in March, I went out with some friends to see Cody Canada at one of our favorite go-to bars in Buckhead. I am a stickler to showing up to the show on time--never will I ever arrive late for a musical event. EVER! So I was kicking everyone out the door making sure we didn't miss a single song. I wasn't intending on getting there for the opener, but thank god we did! 

We, the two music obsessed people in the group, were in awe of how good these two were. It was weird. It was a kind of awe that snuck up on you. At first it was just another opener band, then the more I listened, the more I loved. We purchased the cd, and it hasn't left my car since. Billy has gotten so tired of me playing it, but he still ends up requesting to hear songs. 

Sundy best consists of two Kentucky natives,  Kris Bentley and Nick Jamerson. Though they are most definitely country, I describe their sound further as very folk and bluegrass influenced. Listening to their album makes me so nostalgic for home. Though they are singing about their Old Kentucky Home it takes me right back being a child in the foothills of Northeast Georgia. It's the soundtrack those back country roads and the highways up through the mountains. These are a few of their songs that you might just like..

This one is Billy's personal favorite. 

I admit, they're not for everyone. They're not your run-of-the-mill country stars of today. They're different, and in the best way possible. It's a refreshing kind of different. With more exposure, I see them gaining a lot of popularity over the next few years. They have that "thing I can't quite put my finger on," which is what I usually end up saying describe the artists that have that sparkle I think needed to be a successful musician. I really hope all of you love them as much as I do. 


  1. Oh I really like the song home! Thanks for telling us about them!

  2. I really like them! I will definitely be looking for some songs by them :) thanks for sharing!