September 12, 2013

Easy, Cheap DIY Burlee

I love burlees (burlap door hangers). They're always a lot of fun to make. Not to mention, they're cheap to boot! I decided to make a baseball wreath in commemoration of the Braves' inevitable play off run coming up soon. It's gonna happen.. it better happen! Let's get started..

All you'll need to complete this project is:

Acrylic Paint
A Hot Glue Gun
Something to paint with
Old grocery bags
Ribbon or Wire

Start by sketching out the shape you want for your hanging to be on the newspaper. I highly recommend using newspaper before you start chopping away willy-nilly on your fabric. I also don't recommend drawing on the fabric until you know EXACTLY what you want, because the colors you traced can and will bleed through. Trust me.

You can Google for TONS of ideas for designs for these babies! The possibilities are endless.

I wanted a baseball, so getting a circle wasn't too hard. I didn't have anything big enough to trace, so I cut about 10 inches of twine out and used it to draw a circle. I thought I was a genius for having a 10 grade geometry flash back to come up with that idea. If you plan on having a hanging be a mirror image both sides, I've seen where people recommend sketching out your shape out along the crease, so you can just unfold and it will be symmetrical. 

Anyone need Clinique makeup? I see Dillard's is giving away bonus bags!

Ta DA! Easiest, best looking circle I've ever drawn in my life! Now that that's done, you can place the news paper on your burlap and go to town. I've found it easy if you pin down the newspaper to the burlap with staples or pins, but that's totally your call depending on how comfortable you are.

After cutting out your shape, begin hot gluing around the outside corners of your creation. I've sewn these before in the past, but I've found it quicker and my sewing machine thanks me when I just use hot glue. Be sure to leave a small opening so that you can stuff it later. 

Since I was doing the Braves A, I knew I wouldn't get it on the first shot--especially if I was free handing. Here's a good example of why it's a good idea to trace out your idea before you start pretending you are Picasso. You see it took me a few times to get it right..

I generally trace in a relatively fine point marker with a really light tone to it so that it doesn't bleed through too much. I did the A in blue this time so that you could see it, and I was going to be painting it blue anyway so it's a win-win.

After you are ready with your design, get to painting!! Make sure you let each color dry before continuing on to the next. I know that's pretty obvious, but someone will thank me.. kind of like I would have been thanking them the first time I tried it.

It's starting to look like a baseball! I used to different shades of red so that the seams and the A wouldn't clash. I used a bright red for the seams, and a crimson red for the A itself in case anyone is planning on recreating this exact one themselves. It usually takes about two coats of paint, so don't bust your butt too hard when you see the brown burlap showing through.. It happens. 

Once everything is dry, you can stuff with the plastic bags until it reaches your desired thickness, and then finish sealing off the edges with hot glue. If you have an issue with your two sides sticking together, you can sometimes use a ruler to help pry sides apart.  A lot of people use wire to hang theirs. Personally, I'm too cheap and I never know exactly the right gauge to buy, so I just use ribbon. It hasn't failed me yet! I found a yard for $1 at Michael's!

Now hang, enjoy, and tomahawk chop our braves into the playoffs! Let's go bravos!


  1. Cute! I really hope you didn't just jinx us. We're barely clinging on to that 11 game lead.

  2. Love this! Go Braves!!! We better make it to the playoffs after this season!

  3. This is too cute! I need to make a Yankee one for my parents!

  4. This is too cute! I need to make a Yankee one for my parents!