April 4, 2014

DIY Easter Wreath

Billy's fellow coach just purchased his first house. As a house warming gift, I told him I'd make him his first wreath! This is probably one of the easiest crafts I have ever undertaken--anyone can do it. And did I mention, it's crazy cheap!? This is the second one I've made and it was still just as easy the second time as it was the first time when I was just winging it. So here we go. 

2 Dozen Plastic Eggs (I especially love getting a mix sizes)
2 or 3 Bags of Green Easter Grass 
Styrofoam wreath cut-out (If they have a green shade available, pick that one)
Hot Glue Gun 
Lots of Hot Glue Sticks

 Start by taking a small, hand sized clump of easter grass. You can tell how simple this project is by the use of the word clump. It doesn't have to be exact. If you put too much, you can spread it out. If you put too little, you can always top it off with an extra layer! Using your hot glue gun, affix the grass to the wreath. Be sure to not forget the two sides as well.

I like to work in sections. This way it's easier to make sure the grass is evenly distributed and not all clumped together one one side. It's also easier to apply it to the wreath before the glue cools.

In about 45 minutes (and a few burned fingers) later this is the look we're going for!

 After you get the wreath itself completed, the next step is to glue on the plastic eggs. I take extra precaution and glue the eggs shut. There's nothing more tacky than decor that's missing pieces. I've found it's easiest to run a very THIN ring of hot glue around the inside of the egg. I always pick the side of the egg which, when pushed together, will have the outside lip. They just pop together so much easier when you use that side.

oooooh so thin line of glue. Hardly enough to see.. or maybe it's the fact it's out of focus?
 Next just slap on the glue onto the side you want to go face down. I also make sure I follow the middle crack and seal that baby up. There's pretty much no such thing as too much glue on this step. Now place the eggs onto the wreath.

Glue ribbon on to the back of the wreath to your desired height you wish it to hang from. After the glue dries, and you are able to hang it. You can snip all the fly away pieces of grass if you are OCD like me. 


  1. Super cute! and I LOVE that hot glue gun! Where did you find that?

  2. Shut the front door with that leopard hot glue gun... LOVE!