March 31, 2014

Ashley's Surprise Party

Last week Rebecca messaged me to tell me we were having a surprise party for our fellow Team Elite family member, Ashley's 29-ish-ish birthday. Now, I can keep a secret, but I am very impatient thus making me the worst person to invite to a surprise party. It was hard to keep that cat in the bag. Every time I spoke to Ashley I just knew I was going to accidentally spill the beans.

We met Sunday at Taco Mac at the Mall of Georgia to celebrate Ashley turning one year older this coming weekend. Rebecca did a great job of decorating with some of Ashley's favorite things--mason jars filled with flowers and UGA. 

Ashley's best friend, Amber, was in charge of getting her there. When we finally heard they were on their way, we got even more anxious for the surprise. The look on Ashley's face when she saw all of us waiting for her was worth all of the almost slip-ups that each of us almost made. She had ZERO idea.

Look at that face!! 

We may or may not have started a small-ish fire with our candles and decorations. No big deal. We have it under control, ya'll!

If you know this girl, you know she loves her head pieces.

A ring she had apparently been drooling over
Adorable plates Amber made for her with different style H's on them. (Now I want a set)
It was so fun meeting all of her and Shane's friends and family that I had heard and read so much about. I can easily see why she loves all of them so much. They are such fun, sweet people to be around. Heck, I think I may have to join the family I loved them so much.

Mark your calendars and head over to Ashley's blog, Baseball-Diamonds & Hairspray,  Friday to tell her Happy Birthday!!

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  1. LOVE this post friend! I'm so glad you were able to be there! And you can join our family anytime.. they loved you too! :o) Thanks for such an awesome recap. Xxoo Can't wait to see ya Friday!