April 14, 2014

5 things I've learned from Billy

Sunday afternoon, I accompanied Billy to one of his lesson's. He was running late, so I told him I'd sit it out until he was finished. I honestly didn't mind since the weather was so beautiful. I just watched Billy work with his catcher for about an hour. I may be biased, but he is so good at what he does. He loves the kids he works with. He loves watching them learn. Heck, I love watching them learn. I realized sitting in that driveway that I have learned so much from him myself.

Now, I may not claim to actually posses such a virtue, but I do, in fact, now understand what it is like to be patient. Anyone that know Billy agrees, that he is one of the most patient individuals you will ever meet. On the other end of the spectrum, I am possibly the most impatient person you will ever met. He takes so much time with every person who asks something from him, no matter how ridiculous some of the requests may be. He keeps his cool no matter what the circumstance, and I learn a little more from him everyday that I don't have to be hot-headed and short tempered all the time. It's a hard lesson I'm still learning.

I always considered my self to be loyal and selfless, but Billy has also taught me so much more than I already knew. No matter what the circumstance, he will never turn his back on you. ever. He is constantly doing people favors, going out of his way, regardless of how busy he is. If he can help it, he will never tell someone no or let them down. Sometimes it bothers me that he will put someone else's best interest above his own (and sometimes mine). However, I am proud and that he is so loyal and selfless, and I realize that I should strive to give more to others as well.

"It's not that big of a deal" is a term constantly getting thrown my direction. Though I can have a go-with-the-flow kind of attitude, on the flip side, I can also be very structured and hate when things do not go as intended. I can sometimes lose my cool over the littlest things, like where we go to dinner for example. He's really taught me that sometimes the biggest mountains I make for myself can in actuality just be tiny mole hills. I just need to take a step back, and realize that sometimes it's nothing worth getting my feathers ruffled over, because it's all going to be fine in the end.

Above all else, Billy taught me what I really deserve in a man. I never was really in a long term relationship until I met Billy. Not that I didn't want to be in one, because I did. I just always chased after guys that weren't ready for that. Looking back, I chased after a bunch of losers and blamed my lack of relationships on me not being good enough rather than them just being terrible human beings. I was constantly getting my heart broken by the same guy. Or I was treated like crap over and over again by the rest, and I thought nothing of it. I just thought, "well, if that's what it takes to have a boyfriend then sure." {Desperate much?} Billy came into my life right about the time that I had decided that I was comfortable in my own skin and that I was able to have a happy, incredible life without having a guy's help. He shows me every single day how I should be treated. He goes above and beyond to make me happy. He does things that I didn't think guys did anymore. He is so caring, thoughtful, and kind. He lifts me up an makes me feel so special just by smiling and winking. Even when I feel like I'm the lowest priority, I realize I am still treated with so much respect and love. I constantly have people tell me how great he is to me, and just what an all around great guy he is. Its truly special hearing it from people who see on their own from the outside perspective how well he treats me and how kind he is to all others around us.


  1. This is so sweet! You two make the cutest couple! Glad you found someone who teaches you so much and treats you so well!! You definitely found a keeper :) Plus he's a braves fan, so I of course approve!

  2. I'm pretty sure we both chased after some of the same a-holes... I'm glad they didn't work out back then because look at how happy we are now! :)

  3. You always seem to find someone when you're not looking and completely content being yourself. You have a keeper! :)

  4. Hey Megan! I'm leaving another comment so you can tell me if I fixed what was wrong. Feel free to message me on FB and let me know that I fixed it, and you can delete this. :) Thanks again for telling me about it!