April 7, 2014

Weekend Recap: Romas & Laura's wedding + an impromptu trip to the mountains

As I told you last week, Friday two of our dear friends tied the knot! They got married at the BEAUTIFUL Mill at Yellow River in Porterdale. This was probably one of the most beautifully decorated venues I have seen in a while--absolutely stunning! Believe it or not, it didn't rain like the forecast said, thank goodness! 

It was so, so good getting to spend time with our TE family again and to celebrate with Romas and Laura! They were so adorable and so happy. 

I may be biased, but I'm pretty sure I had the biggest hunk of a date there. 

I may or may not have snagged this picture from Ashley

Saturday, we made a very last second decision to go to the Cabin for the afternoon and night. Like literally split second..
"Well, we could go to the cabin"
"okay, let me finish this load of laundry.."
kind of conversation. After Billy's practice we hopped in the truck and headed for that old dirt road that leads over the side of a mountain. Fresh mountain air never felt so good! We had a great hike with the puppies, got some of the routine yard work done, and planted some fresh wildflowers in the bed next to the mailbox. Sunday we made another quick hike, let the dogs swim in the creek, and then gave them baths before we headed to lunch at Colonel Poole's on our way back to the city. I cannot wait for Summer to get here so there will be lots more trips to the cabin that will hopefully involve a much more extended stay. 

The Valley on our way over the back road. These are Cold and Rich Mountains.

I picked these pretties from the field. They smelled so nice sitting on the table in the kitchen.


  1. Those flowers are gorgeous. I'm jealous that y'all have a mountain cabin. Some day, sigh.

  2. You look gorgeous, as always Megan! Red is definitely your color :)

  3. I've been absent for a while so I'm sorry I'm just getting around to seeing it but I love your new blog look!!! So cute!

  4. It was so great seeing you AND I loved Brooke and Marc's bow ties!