April 8, 2014

Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is quickly approaching, and I can hardly wait!! Why it isn't a national holiday yet, I really don't know, but it really should be. This year I turn a whopping 25! When did I grow up? For those of you still frantically searching for the perfect gift to commemorate my turning of a century old, here is my ever growing wish list!

1. A digital SRL Camera - I haven't really done a lot of research as to what kind or model I want. I have been a pretty faithful canon user for many, many years. However, I'm not objecting to a Nikon either.
2. A large area Rug - Specially this one, this one, or this one for the new apartment I'm moving into in May.
3. A pair of brown wedges - Why I don't own a pair already, I don't know. I'm specicially gawking over this pair of Steve Maddens. I wear a size 6 for when you go shopping for me. ;)
4. A Console Table - Again, for my new pad. Currently my TV sits on the mantle, which unfortunately won't be making the move with me.
5 Nude Flats - I have nude pumps, but those are not conducive to the amount of walking I do everyday at work.
6. The Katie Daisy Ball Jar Print - Actually I want two prints by this artist: This adorable Mason Jar print (11x14) and What A Wonderful World (8x10). The mason jar print was actually one of the inspirations for my new blog design. I plan on plan on putting these on a decorative shelf over my bed.
7. New License Plate - Every year, I tell my parents I want the taxes for my car paid for. It's been my birthday gift from them every year since I was 16 and got a car. Thoughtful of them, right? I mean, what says "Happy birthday to me" like having to fork over a couple hundred bucks to pay the taxes on your car every year.This year I'm upgrading to the new Braves License plate the state of Georgia put out.


  1. What a great wish list! I was looking into a DSLR for a while and after doing months of research finally settled on a compact system camera with interchangeable lenses. They're a little easier to carry around (mine easily fits in my purse) but still have great quality pictures. I hope you find the perfect camera!

    Caitlin C

  2. I have the Braves license plate. My number has 755 in it :)

  3. I hope you get your DSLR!! Well, I hope you get everything on your list! xxoo

  4. I love everything on your birthday wish list! I hope you get them all! :)