August 2, 2013

{Roommates; A blog Series - Part 2:2} Megan

Though I knew Megan going into college, we were not close at all. I liked her, we just never really spent a lot of time together. Little did I know I would soon be glued to her..
When everyone else had practice, she and I were left back to entertain ourselves, and that's how we quickly became so close. I was able to go to her for anything.. advice, encouragement, to rant, to share. She and I shared some of the same pet peeves, so we were always in agreement on so many things.

Megan was probably the easiest person to live with ever. She was always very considerate of everyone in the group and never wanted to leave anyone out, even if it meant totally replanning things from scratch in order to best fit in everyone. She was always happy, even when she was in bad moods, she was able to ignore what was bothering her in order to not bring anyone else down with her.

My favorite thing about Megan, she was always willing to go along with one of my crazy adventures. always. That was probably because she never liked to let anyone down. If you ask her about the first adventure we ever went on, she'll tell you I got the car up on 2 wheels. Which FYI is totally false. She likes to really exaggerate that story.

She also loves to laugh.. A LOT! at everything. Especially Vicki Gunvalson getting hit in the head with a football on Real Housewives. If I could find a gif of that, I would have so shared it. (Please pause, because if she's reading this she'll need a moment to collect her laughter to catch up) Obviously, that always made me feel good about myself, because she laughed at even my most horrible jokes.

Megan kept us up to date on the latest celebrity gossip and on all of the tv shows we needed to watch every night. I would ask her pretty much everyday, "what show comes on tonight?" She got tired of that, because I asked her everyday for every week. Heck, I still have to text to ask her a lot..

The hardest part of living with Megan, was the first couple of weeks where we had to adjust to two people in the same apartment with the same name. After a while, it became second nature. We somehow were able to learn to tell who was talking to whom based on what they said, who was talking.. people could never figure out how the other knew to ignore when it wasn't meant for them. It was easier than they thought.

I already told you about the time that she and I were on cash cab.. Good times. No other stories shine a light in comparison.

Another one of my fondest memories of Megan was when we stalked Amanda--black attire, war paint, and all. Amanda was meeting up with one of her ex's to have the "let's get back together while we're home for summer" talk. Megan and I were on team ex-boyfriend like bugs on a windshield. We were a little excited and hopeful that they'd come to the mutual agreement to get back together. So hopeful, in fact, that we staked out waiting for an answer. We found a hill overlooking the place they had decided to meet up, and waited.. for hours.We decided we wanted to get closer to the action, so we slowly snuck down to the parking lot they were in. Slowly.. up until the point where I tripped and tumbled all the way down the hill. Cover blown. They saw/heard everything and enjoyed a good laugh. We even made a video montage of our whole expedition. Side note: they got back together, for about 2 months. Amanda broke it off once we went back to school and she met Tyler. Now they're married.. so I guess it was a good thing that our expedition was only half in vain.

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