August 20, 2013

What I love about fall

I will be the first to tell you I am not even in the slightest bit ready for fall to get here. I like being able to wear shorts everywhere, not have to worry about bringing a jacket, and being able to enjoy being outdoors. When the time comes for fall to be here, I will welcome it with open arms as it's my second favorite season of the year because of all the great fun and things it has to offer.

I love all of the small-town festivals that happen in the fall. I cannot wait to visit all the adorable vendors and meeting all sorts of people. Fall festivals  and my beloved, Apple Festival in the mountains are always at the top of my list of things I love about fall.

Pumpkin patches & Corn mazes are typically my first pick of things to do on a cool weekend. I adore traipsing through the fields looking for just the perfect little pumpkin or two. I also love a good corn maze. Billy and I always try to race and see who can get out first. It's one of those things I love done to help make me feel like a kid again.

Even before baseball season has ended, I've already planned a weekend for us that consists of hiking and joy riding to enjoy the most beautiful views and colors that the leaves give us. I am just in awe sometimes of the beautiful things God paints. This is exactly what it looks like on the road to the cabin in late October and early November. I could drive for hours just taking all of the stunning colors in.
I also love all of the bon fires and parties that happen in the fall. One of the first things I associate with the new cooler weather, is bon fires. I hate the smell of the smoke that I can't get rid of for days, but I just can't get enough of laughing  and enjoying music around a fire pit with some of my favorite people. Oh, and who couldn't mention all the football parties. We have some pretty die hard football fans here in the South. High school and college football kick off soon, and  there will be pleanty of excuses to pile around a tv together!

Fall baseball season is, hands down, my favorite baseball season. It's probably the easiest of the seasons to deal with. Everything, though important, is very laid back and go-with-the flow compared to all the other seasons they put me through. Most of the tournaments are right in the neighborhood and they're weekends only, which means there is a lot more quality time to be spent with Billiam and baby Casey than summer and spring.

And who doesn't love fall fashion?! Boots, scarves, sweaters, Oh my! I love how layering looks! I love always being able to wear my cowboy and riding boots. I am a sucker for a good cable knit sweater or a comfy mountain hardware jacket. I totally plan on pulling together this look for myself in the coming months.


  1. I'm with you girl! I'll be ready for fall when it's suppose to be here :)

  2. we had the same title and post go up today! Great minds think alike ;)

  3. I love all of the things that fall has to offer! I just wish it didn't mean that winter is coming

  4. can you send me that outfit it may make me feel a little better about the impending fall.

  5. I love fall so much. September has baseball, football, and my birthday. Pumpkin patches just top it off!

  6. Fall is my favorite season ever. I love everything about it!