August 5, 2013

{Roommates; A blog Series - Part 2:3} Ashlyn

Ashlyn was the only one that I didn't know out of high school. She also played softball with Amanda. We met during a fire drill, as I told you already. Our freshman year, she lived with someone else.. but she was still always in our room and hanging out with us.
 When we started trying to decide who we wanted to live with the upcoming year, we all unanimously voted for Ashlyn. She handily won mostly because she came with a big screen tv. We were very honest with her about that.

Ashlyn's best feature is her ability to go with the flow. No matter how drastically our plans changed (unless they were pushed up and she was not dressed yet),  she was already fine and ready to hop on board the fun train whenever it go around to leaving the station. She was always extremely flexible and was always happy doing whatever as long as everyone else was happy.

Ashlyn and I got close our freshman year after she had shoulder surgery. I would go down to her room every morning to help her get ready for class. After she was ready (or sometimes before) we would would have what would fondly be known as our early morning dance parties.
Ashlyn also shared my love for concerts and live music. These are some of my fondest memories with her.. just us dancing like we didn't care, and then catching up on the day to day life.

Thanks to Ashlyn I got to know the local hospital well. First one of her friends almost died in our room, specially my room. We had the entire dorm in havoc due to an ambulance later driving up and emts rushing the building. That night ended around 4 am after an ambulance ride and a long stent in an ER waiting for news and the person's parents to arrive. Looking back on it, it was hilarious how freaked out and clueless we were at the time. Another one of her close friends has a panic attack in the middle of the night and called us as if she were also dying. The tone in her friend's voice was of straight fear when she called, and we instantly ran across campus without a thought. So instant, in fact, that we forgot keys, ids, and shoes. We also failed to notice that the sprinklers were on when we started running straight trough them. A few weeks later, I rushed Ashlyn to the ER in the middle of the night because she thought her ear drum had ruptured. We got blue lighted by a cop on the way and I swore we were going to be in a high speed chase if he came after me.

Ashlyn's parents were the masterminds behind all of our trips. Her dad got us great plane tickets, her mom always served as chaperon and trip planner. They always got us in on the best trips--hilton head weekends, Las Vegas, Mall of America (which I sadly missed out on), The Bahamas. Not to mention, her dad would always take the best pictures.. hence why we have all of the ones we had.

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