August 5, 2013

{Roommates; A blog Series - Part 3} Our Apartments over the years

If there was one thing we always agreed on it was that we always wanted to decorate our apartments as cute  as we could (and cheaply to boot). We always prided ourselves in keeping a nice, clean apartment that was worth visiting and people enjoyed to be inside.

Freshman Year
Our freshman year our room was pretty bare. We were really not getting the hang of having a cute apartment for the longest time. We didn't even put a rug down or a tv in the living room until almost Christmas.. You're lucky I'm even sharing this place it's so dull..

Our living room.

My room, which I was quite fond of. That bed, believe it or not, slept like nobody's business. Loved it!!

Our Zebra Dorm
Sophomore year, the first year we were able to put all of our minds together and the year we had gotten the hang of college, we decided to show out.. sort of. :) 
We were brainstorming things and came up with that we wanted to use pink, because Ashlyn had a lot of pink and black things we could incorporate.This was right about the time zebra print was cool, but still not over done.. think chevron, but last summer. We all loved it, and wanted to incorporate it into our room as the accent somehow. During our brainstorm, I came up with the idea to put zebra print fabric on our walls to act as wallpaper! Looking back, it was a stroke of brilliance. Keep in mind, this was pre-pinterest, so it was even more cool for us. 

Everything we hand made.. well except for the furniture, the pink chair included. Ashlyns' grandmother threw together the adorable pillows with our extra fabric. We painted all of the pink frames from $1-3 frames at walmart. Everything else had been left overs from the year prior. The TV was in Ashlyn's den at home. Her parents were sweet enough to let us take it to keep us from having to buy a new one!

Note Ashlyn's big screen tv. I bet your dorm didn't have that!

The tedious act of putting the fabric on the wall.

The Bellamy
After we left our juco, we moved into a real RA-less apartment in  Milledgeville. We actually really hated this apartment. It was loud, the people were rude, everything inside of it was cheap, and it was really expensive. We got out of there as soon as we could. I looked and looked for pictures of my room, which was adorable, but couldn't find any.. Because we didn't get too fired up about this place we didn't really bust our creative juices too much. Keep in mind this was also like move in day, so we eventually added a few more things. on the other walls I failed to get pictures of.
If only Megan of the past knew that blogger Megan of the future would want those pictures..

The Town House
Our last two years fondly known as our senior and super senior years, we technically didn't all live together. We couldn't find any 4 bedroom places that were worth living in. We toured a few, but they were really unrealistic. We lucked up and found an adorable yellow town home in the cutest little mini-community a block from campus for half the price of what we were paying before. Each side had 2 bedrooms and 1 bath.. ideal for what we needed, we we all lived in the same townhouse, just on different sides. So it was twice the decorating. I loved this place, even if it didn't have a dish washer or washer/dryer.

I hate Christmas. Ironically enough, we had a pretty legit tree.

My room, which is pretty much identical to my present day bedroom.


  1. Your living situations were so fancy compared to mine. I lived off campus sophomore year. One roommate broke a dining chair, so my parents took the whole set home. We replaced it with a folding table we used for beer pong.

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