August 1, 2013

{Roommates; A blog Series - Part 1} Where it all began

When I graduated high school, I was fortunate enough to have two girls that I had grown up with choose to attend the same college as me. The first one, Amanda, I had literally known since I was in diapers. The other, Megan, I met when I was in 4th grade when we were rec cheerleaders together.

Though we'd known each other for what felt like forever and we were friends, I wasn't exactly besties with either. However, we decided we'd try living together our freshman year of college. The 3 of us decided we wanted to live in the same dorm, which was an apartment style dorm with 4 bedrooms each. We were paired with another random student to make us four. All of us actually got along very well together, not that I was afraid of that happening.

Amanda played softball as did our other randomly chosen roommate, Emily, so we often found ourselves mingling with their softball teammates on campus. Sometime in the fall, we had one of those dreaded middle of the night fire drills. You know the ones.. about 3 am, right in the middle of the deepest REM sleep. Ironically enough, the fire alarm sounded JUST like my laptop did when it was dying.. or that's what I thought in the middle of the fieriest of deep sleeps imaginable.  In the middle of the night, I heard what sounded like my laptop yelling at me to plug it in. I darted out of bed, because the noise was AWFUL, and tried plugging it in and wiggling the chord to make that incessant noise stop. It wasn't stopping, not matter how hard I tried. Eventually, the light bulb went off in my head that it wasn't my laptop, it was a fire alarm!! I walk out to see my 3 roommates staring at me asking, "what took you so long?" I explained the whole story once we had gotten outside, and were huddled into our little group of sleepy eyed friends. This is where we met Ashlyn, another softball player. She thought my story was hilarious.. Shortly there after, we were facebook friends. The rest of our freshman year, the 4 of us were members of a very tight knit group of girls.

By our sophomore year, we swapped out our first roommate for the new friend we made our freshman year, Ashlyn.
Hilton Head 2008

Halloween 2008
Our Vegas Trip! 
Extreme Home Makeover 

The four of us were inseparable. We were our own little pack that did everything together.. all five years. We eventually even ended up transferring from our of our juco together. The college we chose to move to was one of the best in the state for Amanda and Megan's majors, it was my #1 choice out of high school (long story why I didn't go there in the first place) and with the 3 of us going there, Ashlyn decided to follow as well. Of course, we decided to remain roommates after we moved. We lived together until we graduated and went on to big girl world about a year ago.

Our Chrimstas card picture our final year together

It's so weird not having them right down the hall now. At the same time, it's exciting seeing our lives finally starting to become what we set out for back when it all began. I honestly consider myself so very blessed to be able to say that I had a very healthy, enjoyable relationship with my roommates, that actually ended with us being more like family than friends. I couldn't have imagined going through college without them.

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