August 13, 2013

sometimes life just gets away from us

..lately life has just been getting away from me in the blogging department. Work is really doing a number on me, therefore I have had zero time or desire to update. Lucky for you, you haven't missed much. Here's the quick recap of my not so interesting week..

My week sucked. Work sucks. I pretty much was having the crappiest week from you know where. Every time I checked one thing off my to-do list, two more things managed to make their way on. One of my sweet coworkers made me this hinge bracelet to help brighten my day. She has no idea how much it turned my outlook around. It's adorable.

I had dinner and went shopping with Kat. I love her. I hate I didn't take any pictures while we were together. She is one of my best girlfriends in the city, and it was so great to finally see her again and catch up on all the things we've been missing out on since she graduated.

Of course, then there is trivia night which is always the highlight of my week. Ret and I proceeded to make up drink cominations with our new found favorite whiskey, fireball. This is us sharing our concoction lady and the tramp style. It's strange that Billy thinks this is perfectly normal behavior for us and is surprisingly cool with the fact that Ret is my other boyfriend when Billy is slacking on his job.
{FYI: Fireball and Apple Juice or Cider.. phenomenal.}

This weekend we celebrated Billy's brother's birthday at the cabin. We surprised him by flying his girlfriend into Atlanta without him even knowing! Bazinga. So we spent a few days enjoying the North Georgia mountains and we even finally got to go tubing down the river! Our cabin neighbors came over and enjoyed the cookout with us, which was quite nice because the husband is also in the IT field with me. We got to talk about how lazy and dumb some people can be, which after the week of work I had, it was a great way to release steam.
I apologize for being a horrible picture taker. All I have is this dumb snail.

Now I'm back in Atlanta already looking forward to the weekend again.. I know this is a horrible post, but I am well over due for at least telling you hello.. so hello. I promise I'll get more interesting soon and that I'll catch up on my blog series as soon as I catch up on my sleep.

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  1. I keep hearing about Fireball, I am going to need to get off my butt and try some asap. :)

    And that is the cutest bracelet, love it!