March 9, 2014

Georgia Aquarium & The World of Coca Cola

It is a very, very rare occasion when Billy has the entire day baseball free. We decided extremely last minute (an hour before we walked out the door) to spend the day being sterotypical Atlanta tourists and visit the Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coca Cola.

Believe it or not, I have lived in the state of Georgia for the past almost 25 years and I have never visited either. This was Billy's second visit to the aquarium, but first to the world of Coke. I had such a good time spending the day with this boy. Days like this together come far and few between because of his unorthodox year-round schedule, but I loved every single minute getting to laugh and enjoy fun time together.

Totally not flattering, but people like pictures of the blogger herself.

How cool are these animals?!

Warning: Cell Phone quality
I walked around the corner of one of the exhibits, I found Billy waiting for me in a hallway lit with black lights just glowing with all of his neons.

I promise he's not 7 even though he totally acted like them as excited as he was to pet the stingrays

I loved the lights and such
Isn't he just a stud?

Next up, the world of Coca Cola!!
I was beyond impressed at how high tech some of the things in the world of coke were. All of the interactive exhibits had my undivided attention. Not gonna lie, the tech nerd in me had to touch every single one of them.

Of course we appreciated World Series Rings

Don't be fooled, on most days, he HATES Inca Cola. It tastes like bubble gum, which is really had to down for us compared to coke. As I've mentioned before in a previous post, Billy's childhood and present day best friend's family are the founders behind this drink. Within recent years the family sold 51% of the company to coke but retained 49% and all of the bottling factories. Today however, we loved it compared to all the other strange and bizarre coke products around the world we sampled.

Inca Cola


  1. I love both of these places! They're just so Atlantan.

  2. Ive lived here my whole life and never been to the world of coke! It looks so fun!

  3. Love the GA Aquarium and World of coke. I kinda miss the old building by Underground though cuz it's the one I grew up with but still cool!!!