March 22, 2014

Year Three

Our third year together absolutely FLEW by! I spent the spring interviewing for jobs in Atlanta and finishing out my final semester of classes and completing my capstone for graduation. In March, I was finally offered a GREAT job with incredible benefits and pay that I accepted on the spot. Billy continued subbing, working at the sporting goods store and coaching baseball. I believe it was right around then that he began his master's program for education. I enjoyed my last fleeting moments of being a college kid and so looked forward to being closer to Billy again. 

I graduated from our beloved Alma mater in May 2012 with a degree in Management Information Systems. I am only a mere 2 electives shy of having a degree in Management as well now. I gotta finish that. The next day, I said goodbye to my roommates and moved into my Atlanta apartment. The next Monday I started my career in the tallest building in Atlanta. It was great being able to see Billy on more than just weekends and not through a chain-link fence.

As I said, that year just passed us by without us even blinking. Billy had school. I had work. Billy also was juggling his multiple teams at that point. Apparently it was also at this point that I stopped taking pictures for an extended period of time. 

We celebrated weddings of friends.

We of course visited lots of braves games

I drug him to more concerts and Average Joe's Ent. events that I could even begin to list. But goodness they were fun!

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