October 30, 2013

The 1st Choose your own Adventure Link up!

Welcome to our first month of Choose Your Own Adventure, a new dating link-up! Be sure to recap your date this month and join the link up below.
October theme: Fall FestivalGet out there and tackle your fall bucket list. Football games, pumpkin patches, and haunted hayrides are just some of the great fall fun to be had.
Budget: $40
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The rules:

1. Follow your co-hosts.
2. Create a date with our theme and budget in mind.
3. Post your date write-up.
4. Grab a button and link up during the last week of each month!

I am so, so excited about co-hosting this linkup! I love every single thing about fall except for the fact that it means winter will soon be upon us. I cannot get enough of all of the fun fall activities going on right now. Unfortunately for me, my dear sweet boyfriend has been out of town every single weekend  except for one since we first decided to host this linkup so time to fit in dates has been limited, in lieu of the fact that I haven't actually had a fall date this year with him, I am going to do a recap of a fall date from years past.

We started the day with a hike to a waterfall. Falls Branch Falls is about 2 miles from the cabin--actually the perfect walking distance. So we took the pup and made our way down the road and up the mountain to the falls.
We hadn't had rain in such a while there was very little current pushing down the falls, and we stood right in front of what trickle it was. My B. 
After our little hike, we set out on our adventure. As I mentioned a few posts earlier, every year we go to the Apple Festival in Ellijay. It's easily one of my favorite things to look forward to in the fall. Admission to the apple festival is $5 per person. We perused the rows of vendors for hours and purchased a fresh squeezed lemonade ($3), because neither of us can walk past free lemonade without resisting. Billy, the child, also found an apple canon which I didn't even bother talking him out of ($1). The good news about the apple festival is that even though we love all of the crafts, we have no where to put most of it so we don't feel too drawn to purchase anything.

Horrible cell phone picture. sorry
Typically we get out without buying anything, like I said, but we actually found a small pumpkin patch nestled in the back of the festival where we purchased a few pumpkins to carve. I believe we paid $5 tops for our pumpkin. We already had  pumpkin carving kit back at the cabin, so we were in luck! This is our finished product with the cutest little fuzzy blonde girl ever.

All in all, we spent about $20 which was well within our budget! Easy, fun, cheap date that I wish his schedule would have allowed us to have this year. I pinky promise now that baseball is over we'll have a real date this next month to go along with our theme.

Stay tuned for our post announcing next month's theme soon!!

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