October 20, 2013

Check giong to a Rod Stewart concert off my Bucket List

I grew up listening to Rod Stewart with my dad. I always loved hopping in his bronco and popping in his Rod cassettes. My favorite was always "the one where he's wearing the pink pajamas." He was one of the many, many artists my dad introduced me to as a child. I always listened to classics with him. He founded my love for Johnny Cash, The Eagles, Alabama, CCR and everyone else in between. He has always been one of the artists I associated with my childhood

I found our Rod Stewart was coming to Atlanta way back in the spring. As soon as I did, I begged  for our company tickets to Philips Arena. Fast foward to about 3 weeks ago, our CFO showed up to my desk and handed me two glowing, sparkly tickets as the angels sung. Okay, so maybe it wasn't that dramatic, but that's how it felt to my fluttering little heart.

Saturday night I finally got to check seeing him off my bucket list! It was everything I ever imagined it would be! I have never been to a show at Philips Arena, so getting there was a chore. With there being another show at the tabernacle, everyone trying to get on the Ferris wheel, and the road construction, it was a disaster. If you've ever been to an event in downtown Atlanta, you know that there are always road blocks on the most direct routes and you'll have to detour at least twice, so it's best to research. After trying to go in 4 wrong parking decks before finding the right one. We finally arrived and found our seats, got drinks, and the best pretzel I've had in years.

I wanted to take a good full length picture of us so I could share my outfit, but since we didn't get a chance, here's my outfit inspiration here. Except, not to toot my own horn, but my skirt was much much cuter than either of those as were my shoes.

I can't say enough how thankful I am that Billy went with me. With the big FSU game getting rescheduled for the same time as the show was starting, I almost thought he was going to bail on me. He didn't and he was so patient throughout the whole night.
Steve Winwood was the opener. I honestly had never heard of his name before until last night. We've all heard his music in commercials, we (or at least I) have never heard of him before--gimmie some lovin' and higher love. For those of you who didn't recognize him, apparently he is Amish and his lead guitarist is pirate.

After we realized we were the youngest people in the arena by a good 20 years, Rod finally came on, and it was all I had ever dreamed it would be. He sang all of the classics that I know and love. I loved his backup singers and their outfits. I am so glad he stuck to the songs everyone was paying to see, and not too many off his new album. 

little known fact, I played the saxophone in high school. I was more than impressed with this lady being able to play and dance around in those heels!

Have I told you lately that I love you was always mine and my daddy's song
Rod's daughter, Ruby, sang a few songs with him

Maggie May! 

Balloons dropping at the end of the show. Too freaking cool!

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