October 6, 2013

Do we ever get enough of baseball?

Friday we got to go back to the Ted to cheer on our favorite boys in the post season. We had pretty sweet seats! To top it off, the Braves beat the Dogers 4-3 making up for their loss Thursday night. Wanna know something else really cool? Zac Brown sang the national anthem. I have never seen him in concert before, and just that little snippet makes me want to plan a trip this instant.


  1. So Jealous!! Are you watching the game tonight? I'm hoping they can pull out a win in game 3 to give us a little momentum! Go Braves!!

  2. Jealous that y'all got to go! Though I'm glad I'm not at the game tonight...

  3. Looks like fun! I've been recruited onto the Braves bandwagon...but after last night, I'm thinking I'm more bad than good luck!