November 4, 2013

Another perfect Fall weekend

This was the first weekend Billy has had free in months--literally MONTHS!! I have had this weekend marked on my calendar for ages. We were finally able to sleep in, to get things done, and to just be a normal couple for once. Can I get an amen!? Of course, with any weekend we get off with nothing scheduled in Atlanta, we head to the mountains to spend the entire weekend at the cabin! No negotiation was needed, we both have our navigational beacons pointed north and we couldn't wait to get there!! Saturday we caught up on some much needed maintenance like gardening, leaf blowing, cleaning, and of course football watching. Like any other morning, we started the day off with a quick hike to get the dogs out and walked. We decided to hike up the trail behidn the cabin. The leaves were perfect up there. When the wind would blow, you could see them just bounce and float down the mountain, it was one of the most peaceful sights I've seen in a while.
After we got back, Billy's mom and I ran into town to get the basics for a good Saturday of football watching--wings, bbq, apples, and cupcakes. Yep, we have the 4 basic food groups covered. :) This is the view on our way, check out all of those orange and yellow leaves, you couldn't color it better if you tried!!
Billy and I got a lot of our projects we'd be wanting to tackle done. I got that blasted butterfly bush trimmed down (not as far down as I want, but it was a start). Billy fixed the leaning mailbox, got some weedeating done. Whew! There's still a lot on our to-do list, but it feels good to knock some off! Sunday, we had plans to hike to the top of blood mountain. PopPop, Billy's grandfather, was wanting to join on an adventure that day. With is recent double knee replacement, we don't like to push him too far, and we thought that blood mountain might not be a safe option for him. Instead, we opted for a quick trip to Amicalola falls. It's maybe 45 mins to an hour from the cabin, which wasn't bad. We also got brave and took the dogs, which was only a half good idea considering we lost Casey's choker on the last cabin trip. We were able to hike to the base of the falls with the rest of the million and a half tourists that that it would be a great idea to visit the falls that day. Casey was not a fan of having to be leashed.. We were also smarter than your average tourist, and instead of hiking up the 500+ stairs, we just drove to the top ;) The view from the peak of the waterfall is quite spectacular.

On our way out of the Valley. This is the lower end of the road that the cabin is on. Can you believe these colors?!

These mountains are like medicine to my soul. My heart is so happy here. Fall just brings out an extra dose of the beauty, it's almost overwhelming at times. I just stop and stare and take it all in with the wonder of a child. We are hoping to take a trip back up this coming weekend and throw in a corn maze before they're all closed for the year. I already can't wait!

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  1. Looks so amazing and beautiful! I would love love love to have a cabin!!