October 18, 2013

Sorry I'm not sorry

Sorry I'm not sorry that my road rage has got a smidge out of hand this week. In my defense, Atlanta drives has officially lost their mind. Left means fast; Right means slower. Blinkers mean, "I'm coming over". On that note, use a blinker. Drive or die!

Sorry I'm not sorry that I've shown up a little late to work every day this week. It's not like I have anything to rush into work for. That being said, I also have done my hair and makeup at my desk every single day as well..

Sorry I'm not sorry for pretty much wishing away this week. I'm ready for a weekend filled with shows and sleeping in.

Sorry I'm not sorry that I drove around for 30 mins last night because I was too lazy to cook, only to come back empty handed because I couldn't decide on anything. I ended up eating ravioli instead. What is wrong with me?

Sorry I'm not sorry that I'm having cookies for breakfast

Sorry I'm not sorry that I am beyond excited to see Rod Stewart this weekend. I know I am going to be the youngest person at this concert, but I don't care. I have loved that man since I was in light-up shoes.

Sorry I'm not sorry that I have been obsessing over my shows this week. For those of you that watch Vampire Diaries, you know how crazy last night was! Oh, and the Originals--Shut the front door! Can I get a woop woop from my scandal peeps too?!

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