July 17, 2013

Wednesday, I love you.

Wednesdays are generally my favorite day of the week. Mondays just suck, let's face it. Tuesdays are an extension of Monday.. You're not quite there yet, but all the bullcrap usually subsides by Tuesday. Thursday, I am always exhausted. And Friday, I am totally unproductive, besides, everyone loves Friday.

Wednesdays mark the half way point. People's panties are not wadded up anymore. I am always in such a groove at work, and I can hammer out progress like a champ. But really, it's my favorite night of the week because it's Trivia night. It's been a while since I've talked about trivia night.. I love it so much I couldn't NOT talk about it much longer.

Every Wednesday, my trivia team gets together at Twisted Taco to show off our vast expanses of useless knowledge. Most nights, our team name is Bo and Luke, because for a brief stent there were only two of us showing up, and we needed a good famous Duo to name our team after {I was the Bo portion of that duo, because I am the better looking}. It kind of stuck, and now we use it most nights unless there is something in the news that is too good to pass up and we'll use other team names like Paula Deen butters her foot before she puts it in her mouth, Being a tight end comes in handy in prison, or I like my beer like I like my violence.. domestic.. Okay, maybe I only wish I came up with those names.

It's my night of the week to get together with relatively smart people and enjoy their company, have a wonderful sangria or two, and as cliche as this sounds.. have fun.

It's our bar--We are regulars. We have our own corner of the bar that is automatically reserved for us every Wednesday by the host, our bartender knows and loves us (and we love her more because of it), the kitchen knows our usual order, we generally get literally handed the remote to the tvs, and we have come to know almost all the other regulars.

We get the remote to pick random stuff to watch like the CMA awards

Not to mention, with our minds combined, we typically pull out a top 3 finish which comes along with house cash that helps pay for our meals. Now that's pretty legit! Most nights we leave without having to do anything but tip our incredibly awesome bartender. All the guys impress me with their endless sports knowledge and able to quote any movie ever known to man. I carry the team when it comes to music, pop culture, or 90's history category.

Though our team has transformed since we began sometime last summer. We've lost members, but we've also gained some other notable members. These people have grown to be my closest friends, and according to a couple drinks in my system me my other boyfriend. Without them my transition to Atlanta would not have been near as smooth, and I would have been bored and lonely. I love knowing that I always have Wednesdays to look forward to.

So let's test your trivia knowledge again.. Who's ready? PS: You can highlight below the question to find the answer. 

Who is the only person to have their baseball jersey retired and a star on the hollywood walk of fame?
(Gene Autry)
On Clarrissa Explains it all, what was her last name?
Name 4 movies starring Adam Sandler where his character name was also the same name as the title.
Jack and Jill, I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry, Mr. Deeds, Little Nicky, Happy Gilmore, or Billy Madison


  1. Good for you! That's awesome. Trivia is great! Have fun tonight!


  2. Sounds like so much fun :)
    I've always wanted to try Twisted Taco!
    Kick butt at trivia tonight girlie!

    1. Twisted Taco is one of my faves! It blows Tin Lizzy's out of the water!

  3. I love trivia night! We need to find a good bar around here that has it. And how about "Don't Mess with the Zohan"?

    1. I feel like I remember some friends of mine going to Trivia at Wild Wings in Augusta! Monday or Tuesday nights one?