July 10, 2013

Vacation Weekend Recap

After the wedding was over, I got up early Sunday morning and Denise and I got on the road to head back. I dropped her off in Atlanta at her apartment at SCAD and then I headed north.. very north. A short concert into my steering wheel later, I pulled up to the cabin where I was firmly planting myself for the next week.

I always like to spend the week of the 4th at the cabin. Independence day is my FAVORITE holiday, and there are so many celebrations going on in Blue Ridge and the surrounding area. Much to my displeasure, it rained every.single.day. while I was up there. We got very little outdoor time that didn't result in us coming back inside drenched. Equally not cool, Billy had to work every single day but the 4th.. the rain screwed his schedule up to boot, so his days were extra long and I would see him just briefly before bed. Then he was gone again in the morning before I even woke up.

But it was a week spent better there in the rain than at home and at work, so here are a few highlights that I have to share from the week.

1. We went to the orchard every other day to get more fresh peaches. We were eating them like candy. I  love fresh fruits and veggies from Merciers. We also found ourselves enjoying brain teaser ipad games.
2. Our friends from Miami were up to visit for the week. It is an absolute joy to have them around.
3. I got in a lot of quality front porch sittin' and reading.
4. The one day we actually saw a smidge of sunlight, we went to the lake. The views are hard to beat!
5. We put together a bookshelf that Billy's grandpa got for his birthday to go up in the loft. This is Billy's brother practicing his moves to see if he could make it as a hammer model in the future.
6. We went to watch the fireworks in the neighboring Tennessee town. We stopped by KFC for our traditional 4th of July dinner to take to picnic out with. It rained the entire time, but luckily we were under a pavilion and brought cards to entertain ourselves to the show started. I absolutely love fireworks. I think we should have them for every holiday.
7. Did I mention it rained a lot here in Georgia last week?
8. We went to the 4th of July parade here in town. This was the crazy marching band that came to perform. I was a little let down when the poster for the parade said a Budweiser Clydesdale would be in the parade, and all we got was a plastic statue of one. Rip-to the-off!
9. We went to dinner one night at the oh, so good Rib Country after we went to see Despicable me.

Unfortunately, because of the weather, I have very few exciting pictures to share. I thought I'd share them anyway because I was at least sort of hoping some of you cared.


  1. First of all, I LOVE me so Rib Country.
    Soooooo delicious.
    Second, your KFC picnic tradition is adorable.
    Hopefully next year we actually get to enjoy the fourth! The rain has been terrible!

    1. Isn't Rib Country the best?! I swoon over their onion loaf! Seriously, my mouth is watering as we speak..