July 19, 2013

If you are lucky enough to be in the mountains, you are lucky enough

Today I played hokey..

It's been well deserved after this crazy week I've had. Right now I have my feet propped up at the bar in the cabin enjoying a glass of my favorite wine while Billy is cooking dinner on the deck! We have had more friends in town this weekend making more memories with us. My heart is so full right now. I am a lucky, lucky girl. 

Here's to the good times and the hope that summer never has to end.


  1. I feel the EXACT same way ;D
    My Stay at Home Mama Life

  2. Replies
    1. It was a blast. Time seems to always fly when we are at the cabin. I'm already anxiously awaiting our next trip up.

  3. Hi! I'm a new follower! I LOVE your blog. Where in Atlanta do you live?

    1. I am so excited you decided to join in on the fun! I actually life in Sandy Springs and work in midtown.. so I'm really in the heart of the city! It's been a ton of fun so far getting used to the big city.