June 4, 2008

Taking it one day at a time

I've been in so much constant motion for the past few days that I never really get a free second to sit down and pull everything together in words. Part of that is because I don't really know what's going on myself; how am I supposed to tell others about it?
My emotions have been haywire since Sunday night, I am so up and down. Blogging probably wouldn't be the best thing to do, because I just want to forget about it. Forget about him..
The only way to get it off my mind is through someone else. It works, until it's time to go. Then I get still and I remember it again, and I go back into my hole again.

Last night was fun, and so was the night before. The Gum Branch Possey went to the woodlands with the 2 hoes and swam.. sat in the hot tub that wouldn't work for nothing, and then went back to the house, listened to music, and danced among other things :) I wish others would have danced more.. I was in one of the better moods I have been in lately. Maybe it'll come back around again soon.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to be going to Athens to get a new camera with my roommate, because my not so old one died. I think we're going to swing by Dustin/Neal/Piha's for awhile.. mostly because I want to ride on Neal's bike. :) Maybe things will start to go up hill from here.. maybe as a few more days pass I'll start to forget about him more.

When I look back now, that summer seemed to last forever,
& if I had the choice, yeah I'd always be there,
those were the best days of my life.

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