May 19, 2008

summer begins

I have decided to start blogging daily.. or at least aim to. Who knows how long this brilliant idea will last b/c my aim is about as bad as a blind armless man, and it will probably go the same for my blogging habits as well. I just figured since I had nothing better to do while I'm home for the summer I might as well be productive, eh?

I've been finished with school for about 3 weeks now. The good news is, I passed all my classes. Bad news, I miss school entirely TOO much. I'm enjoying being home. My parents are driving me up the wall; dad especially. I got hired for a job that I didn't take. I'm still working weekends for a job that is testing my limits. I wish I could find something else with the hours I'd like,but would still be enjoyable. I just haven't had any luck with that in anyway.
I've been trying to catch up with old friends. I haven't done it much. I went out with Clint and Robbie one night after work last week. It was extremely enjoyable because it was as if nothing has changed between us and time hadn't passed since that summer. They haven't changed a big, and I love that. I love how they treat me the absolute same even though that summer was so long ago and so much has gone on since then in our lives. The 3 of us went to this spot in the subdivision Robbie is helping to build that overlooks the lake. The moon was out so the water glistened just right. We talked, sang, and danced through the night. I couldn't have asked for anything else.
We've started up a Sunday Volleyball league.. well, kind of. Amy Jeffersno, Colt Harper, Cain Harper, Erick Dickman, and Cain's fiance Nikki played Sunday and had a complete blast. We're saying we're going to do it every Sunday for the rest of the summer, but we'll see how long that lasts.
I've been trying to keep up with friends from school. I really can't wait to move back. Amanda, Megan, and I are rooming together this year. Ashlyn is taking Emily's place, so you can assume we're going to be having a good time. I'm excited about moving back, but just a little sad b/c a lot of my friends from last year have finished their 2 years and are transferring elsewhere or they just aren't coming back in the fall. It makes me start to wonder what I'm going to be doing come next spring, and the more I think about it the less I know.

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