June 13, 2014

Soo.. We went to a concert

Thursday night, one of my best friends, Kat, and I went out to see Sam Hunt and The Tyler Hammond Band. It's been quite some time since I have been to see live music, which is totally uncharacteristic of me. I used to go to shows every single weekend, and now that I'm an old grown up, I don't get to near as often.

Somehow whenever Kat and I get together and dinner is involved, we always end up at Rusan's for sushi. So, so good. I inhaled mine so quickly I forgot to even take a picture to document our night out. After dinner, we came back to my apartment and changed and headed to 120 Tavern in Marietta for the show.

There was this first opener, we didn't like him. at. all. I just caught his first name, Scottie. I didn't care to know anything else about him. So there you go.

The second act was The Tyler Hammond Band. This was our college town band. Almost every weekend, we could find Tyler and former band member, Joey, playing somewhere around town. The always drew a huge crowd, I can't think of a single person who did not have a good time singing all their favorite country songs at the top of their lungs along with them. They were the highlight of our Milledgeville night life, and most of my favorite nights out consisted of them and the smoke machines in Capital City that we swore were laced with ecstasy. 

Tyler and the boys put on one HECK of  show--not that they don't always do. They have just stepped their game up in recent years. You could tell by the way the crowd was rocking along with them that they gained a lot of new fans that night. Can't wait for the next time I can catch them.

Next was the headliner; the one, the only, SAM HUNT! For those of you that may not recognize that name yet, you may better know him as the song writer for Come over, Cop Car, or We are tonight. He's also starting to gain rotation on satellite radio. He's easily one of my favorite people that make it on to my "crunknasty-ness" playlist {Yes, that's a real playlist on my iphone. Only artists of the highest caliber make the cut. Those that make it should consider themselves honored.}

Side note: By this point the place was blazing hot because of the number of bodies mixed with the A/C unit being out. Holy HOTNESS!! Oh the humidity!

We had such a great time singing a long to the music. Dancing would have been nice, but there was zero room in the place as it was the sold out show was packed to the brim! Regardless we loved every. single. minute of it!


  1. I just told shane yesterday I have been CRAVING sushi! So glad you had a wonderful time!

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