June 5, 2014

Another Year, Another Draft

It's that time of the year again! Tonight is the beginning of the MLB draft. For us, it's one of the times when we are able to see some of Billy and his fellow coaches hard work pay off. We are hoping and expecting to see several members of the Team Elite organization go on to the professional level (or at least be a chosen as a pick).

Travel ball is an incredible ride for us. I learn so much more every single day about how the "business" behind the sport works. This is one of the occasions when all of the travel ball action and knowledge really comes to light, and it is so, so rewarding even for me as a "fan". We see so many players that we have played against getting their moment in the spotlight, and it's so good to see.

So here's to a good night for the current and former members of the #TeamEliteNation!

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