January 27, 2013

Queue the update in 3-2-1 GO!

Finally, I've found a weekend afternoon that isn't already booked with baseball, cleaning, traveling, netflix (yes, I take my netflix addiction very seriously, and you should too), or some other form of entertainment and can set aside some time to actually blog. Insert my typical pity party about how I should update more often.

One thing a lot of people have been asking about is my new pad! Woop woop! After a very long apartment hunting ordeal I found 1 bedroom apartment in Atlanta at a price that I felt comfortable with. Yes, I was being a tight wad.. Then after I saw my complex on the news for a shooting, I decided to find a new place of residence, and luckily I hadn't signed any official papers so I was able to return to my search. Much to my typical habits, I returned to the very first apartment I looked at on my very first day of hunting... It's now what I consider my cozy little apartment home that I couldn't wait to start decorating.

My next stop was my beloved pinterest to load up on all sorts of decorating ideas! These were my favorite inspiration photos for my living room--mostly because I thought it was something simple, budget friendly, and flexible. I saw so many ideas that I loved, but since I was on a budget, unable to paint, and I wasn't even sure what kind of furniture I was going to have I kept them as easy-peasy as possible. Also throw in the fact that I had a lot of stuff from college that I still wanted to use..


and the final results!

Some friends of mine were moving in together and needed a sweet, sweet friend to relieve them of their extra furniture. I was so gracious enough to take their couch, ottoman, and over sized chair at a steal! Since I was being such a great friend, they threw in the washer and dryer for free. (Just know I was really tempted to use the phrase, fo-freez, but I withheld. Your welcome) As you can see, I was able to implement the floral and chevron pillows from my pinterest inspiration. I was so, so surprised that I was able to find two patterns that coordinated as well as in the inspiration photo (Floral, Ikea and Chevron,TJ Maxx). 

This gallery wall, well, was a chore! I went to 5 different stores in order to get the best deals and still stick to the same black frame, with mat theme. After I found all the pieces, and felt comfortable with a layout design, I used this cute little pinterest tutorial to help me hang them without putting 23042498 nail holes in my wall. My favorite part of this wall is my custom made sign that commemorates my sweet little college town that is so near and dear to my heart, because it's where Billy and I first met. Rachel at Simply Southern Signs was so great and easy to work with, and I can't wait to buy another sign from here again in the future.

 If you know me, you know that I love to cook! So I was super excited about my preciously kitchen and brand spanking new appliances! I used mostly rements from my college apartment. I love red kitchens, which was pretty stinking convenient for me :)

These are a few more rements from my college apartment, and lucky for me, I loved my apartment in Milledgeville. I'd also like to point out my Hobby Lobby steal--the HUGE oval fram for $7 (a regular $40). Even though you can't see it from this angle, on the smaller table, a freebie I found in Billy's garage, my pencil sketch of The Georgia Theatre, one of my prized possessions  I need to get it framed but haven't found a permanent home for it so I haven't pulled the trigger and went to a frame shop yet. Again, if you know me, you know my love of music, and that some of my fondest memories are at the Georgia Theatre. My internship with BG "officially" started out in that building, which led to many other unforgettable nights and days.. but that's another blog entirely. 

 My bathroom! Again, college leftovers, but they'll do until I have a male live-in who will veto my prissy pink stuff. Until that day, my polka dots and pink will reign proudly. Notice my other pinterest inspired project (Well, this one was a gift that my roommate knew I wanted) the magnetic makeup board which I adore.

So that's my humble abode.. and this is my precious work space. I figured if I was going to be there for 8+ hours a day, a might as well make it comfortable. I, like most anybody in cube land, was not fond of the plain beige walls, so I decided to spruce it up and add fabric from JoAnn's and some coordinating frames from Target and Hobby Lobby. Now I don't mind hanging out in nerd land so much.

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