July 19, 2012

looking for inspiration

I've been struggling over the past two weeks. I've really been wanting to bring this blog back to life--or give it the life it never really had in the first place. I've been trying to come up with some sort of theme or inspiration to give it besides what happens in my day to day life. I know that really can't be that interesting, because none of those "good" blogs reflect what my diary should read like as well. Then again, what else do I know better? Music is my only other specialty and there are a million music review blogs or blogs promoting up and coming musicians. Then again, I do have killer good taste.

However, if I started trying to dig  up new music tonight, it would probably be really sappy. I'm only making that assumption because I just finished watching Steel Magnolias and the song I am currently listening to is a (really good) cover song of a rather depressing "classic"

However, let me recommend for you two of my new artist obessions:

Chase Rice

Florida Georgia Line

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