January 27, 2013

Sunday Funday!

What's up with me today? I'm so glad you asked!

Today's project will be prepping for baseball season. The countdown stands at 18 days till SFHS's first scrimmage game against King's Ridge. Sadly, I'm more excited about this game than the official first game, because I'm looking forward to seeing some familiar faces from KR, not the complete shut out that it will probably be.. sorry Paul Byrd, I hate it for ya ;)

I'm working on making Baby Casey, the unofficial South Forsyth Baseball Mascot, a super adorable spirited bandanna. The unfortunate part, I only have one t-shirt to work with, because the keeper of the swag closet thinks I am going to dress her in t-shirts and stuff like some sort of "yuppie" dog and he doesn't morally agree with that.. so I had to steal one of Billy's old ones. Shhh! Wish me luck, because I haven't used my sewing machine since October. It didn't go so hot, since I broke two needles in less than 5 mins. Let's hope this outing is a bit more prosperous.

 Oh! :) and I'd also like to share this precious little gift I got for my cube neighbor's new baby that will be here in just 2 short weeks! As you know there's one thing that I believe every little girl should own, and that's a pair of little pink cowgirl boots. I'm almost 24 and still wear mine ;) I can't wait to see her little baby feet in them!

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