February 24, 2014


This Friday, Billy and I were FINALLY able to celebrate Valentines and our 4 year anniversary. The snow and baseball kept postponing the night, and I was getting quite frustrated, but we finally made it happen!!
I still had a rather large gift card to Buckhead Life Restaurants as a work anniversary gift that we decided to finally cash in! I let Billy chose which one of the restaurants we ate at, and after much, much deliberation and a few recommendations, we ended up choosing Buckhead Diner. 

I was so, so excited about my outift for the night. I may have been a smidge fancy for the Carolina Leagues, but initially when I was shopping I had no idea where he was planning on us going. I knew Buckhead Diner wasn't over the top and I may had been a bit over dressed. Then again, I loved the dress and I was totally ready to rock it!

I was so tickled pink when Billy arrived at my apartment all dressed up with flowers in hand. It has been a while since he has picked me up with flowers, and it was so sweet to see that sight again. I felt like a pretty darn lucky girl.

We were told that we could not visit without having the Chili Thai Calamari. It was absolutely amazing, and I would order two of these again the next time we go. Delicious!

I chose the Blue Plate Special for the night, which was a grilled hanger steak topped with maitre d' hotel butter and cracked pepper steak sauce paired with green beans and Yukon Whipped potatoes  as sides. Oh, so, so good

Here's to many, many more #ValensVersary dates with this handsome sweetheart!!


  1. You two are so cute and you're right . . . you rocked that dress! So glad you finally got to celebrate!

  2. Cute outfit! Looks like the night was worth the wait :)

  3. Love that dress! You look so pretty!