May 12, 2014

The boys of summer are back

Even if you're new to these parts, you know that my life seams to revolve around baseball--hence the new blog name. In our world, there are two seasons--winter and baseball. However, even in winter, we still have winter baseball workouts. So, long story short.. It's baseball season again!

Note the little fuzzy blonde girl in the bottom watching the game too
About 2 weeks ago Billy's high school season wrapped up. We had the end of the year banquet Monday, which means it's officially done-zo. Saturday was the very first practice for his summer travel team, Team Elite. Summer ball is the the one I love the most and equally hate the most. I love the team, coaches, and the travel, but I hate the time it takes. Fall travel ball is easily my favorite season, because it's all the good stuff minus the heat and the events are all on the weekends so I try to tag along.

Billy coaches 17 year old travel ball of college and pro-bound athletes. Every single player will be playing in college or either be selected in the draft next summer. Yes, they're good. No, that opinion is not biased. They are continuously nationally ranked, and have established quite a name for themselves from the number of quality players that come out of their program. Some teams in the Team Elite organization have been invited to play tournaments at MLB stadiums and even the Junior Olympics!

and here we are.. going to a baseball game!
Until I started dating Billy, I never realized how big of a deal or how important travel baseball was. My eyes were opened at just how much time, effort, money, and SWEAT families pour out on their children. They travel all over the South East to college campuses and baseball complexes every single week throughout the summer playing multiple games a day at multiple locations. I honestly don't know how most parents logistically do it, especially when some of these road trips can last up to 3 weeks! Billy and his brother were lucky that his mom and grandpa were teachers with summers off and were able to drive them all over creation. I hear different parents who are in the corporate world (like me) tell me how they get it done and I am in awe. I've heard of one parent blowing all their vacation and sick days for half the season, the other blows all their vacation and sick days to cover the other half the season, and if they run out, grandparents step in. So much for that beach vacation, honey. 

An easy 3,000-4,000 people came out last spring to see two of their studs face off. Those two guys went 5th and 9th overall in the draft that June. This is only the home side!
Did I also mention how good these boys (and the ones they are playing against) are?! If you're wanting to go to the next level, summer ball is the best way to do it. Every game they play is set up as a showcase for college coaches and professional scouts. When he's not on the field, Billy is on the phone with parents, scouts, or college coaches getting these boys to their next destination. I wish people could see how dedicated these coaches are to getting these boys where they want to be. I cannot count high enough to keep track of how many times our dates have been canceled or postponed because a line-up needs to be made, practice ran late, or the restaurant closed before he got off the phone with some college or parent. True story.

As you can imagine, it's not exactly easy on our relationship. Even when he's not on the road, he's gone to practice or a game. I've blogged about what it's like to be a coach's girlfriend before here. Even as much as I dread summer ball, there's still a part of me that loves it. I love meeting all of the parents, the atmosphere at the ball park, and our baseball friends and support system that are more like family. I'm really looking forward to this season. I stopped by the field yesterday on my way back from my parents and got a first glimpse at some of this year's roster and reunited with some familiar faces on both sides of the fence. The first game is a few short weeks away, and I'm already eyeing out which roadtrip I might show up to ;)

Sorry boss, I'm taking the day off, I'll be at the field.


  1. I live that life too, but from a different perspective than you :) My son is the ball player and does travel ball... he's only 12 right now but I can already tell you how much vacation time I've used and money I've spent on this sport he loves... it's absolutely insane but all soo worth it to watch him pursue his dream! <3

  2. I love baseball but in a different way. You are on a whole other level of dedication with these travel leagues.

  3. I'm sure all those parents and players appreciate the sacrifice both you and Billy make to give these athletes such a great opportunity and experience. (and if they don't, they should :)) It's funny how with the fire department taking so much of my husbands time, like Billy's and baseball, I get frustrated and annoyed, but I can't imagine our lives any other way.

  4. Love this post! The season is officially among us friend. Shane and I were talking about his schedule last night.. I want to go to more of his tourneys this year cuz you know that's the only time we see them ;) I am right there with you on the dedication!

  5. From one baseball lady to another, I totally understand the whole "baseball never really ends."

    Just came across your blog and I am a new follower ! <3
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