May 7, 2014

Amanda's Birthday and Sundy Best

Last week we went out to celebrate Amanda's birthday along with an even bigger occasion, Sundy Best coming back to Georgia. They played at Grazing Here, which is known for their grass fed burgers and steaks--holy delicious burger! I don't tend to like burgers unless they are Bubba burgers, but these will make my stomach do cartwheels (in a good way).

If you've been around these here parts for any amount of time, you know that I LOVE Sundy Best. I rave about them to anyone that gives me a chance to talk. If you've never listened to them, let me see again, that if you have a soul and good taste, you will fall in love with them too. They're such a blast live. We laugh so hard, and we especially love their medleys that you can only get at a show. Who can turn down Genuwine, BSB, Deanna Carter, and Nelly all in the same song? Not I

Here are a few quick pictures of our night.

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