January 20, 2014

As far as entertainment value, things have been very, very slow in my world. 

I took my first out of town business trip. What better city in the world to venture to than Nashville, TN!?
I am generally a big fan of car rides, but for some reason that 3 and a half hour drive just seemed to drag on.
I arrived and was able to work an hour or two before we went to lunch at Demo's, which was where I had some of the best pasta I have had in my life! It was fun getting to walk around downtown Nashville again and taking in all the landmarks. Our office sits right behind the Ryman, next to CMT, and 1 block from Broadway. As far as I was concerned, I was living the dream!

Obligatory "I see the Nashville skyline in the distance" picture

The view out of the window of my office.
After work, and some hard work reading my GPS later, I found my hotel. I typed in the North instead of South which lead me on a chase to a destination that didn't exist. After I arrived, I found out I could have just walked to my hotel.. After that ordeal and the car ride from this morning, I had zero desire to want to drive anywhere else for dinner so I opted to order room service. It was totally out of character for me, but I am so glad I did. I ordered a mouth watering ribeye, garlic roasted green beans, and cheddar cheese mashed potatoes. I am still talking about how good it was. I have considered going back just for that steak.

There are no words. Thank you, Hilton!

After a half day following morning to finish up a few things before I came back to Atlanta. I did enjoy being in the city and catching up with Rachel and the rest of my crazy friends over at Average Joes Entertainment on my way out of town. Walking through their new offices reminded me how much I miss the music business. Maybe one day I'll return.

Now I'm back in my normal world in Atlanta yearning to be back in music city. My company has discussed relocating me there full-time, and I always respond with, "bring it on!"
..and soon!


  1. I absolutely adored Nashville when I went two years ago. It is such a great city with the food/ music combination. You would be one lucky lady to get to move there!

  2. I am in the music business and I can't imagine ever leaving it! Hope you enjoyed Nashville!!!!