January 27, 2014

A simple weekend recap

All of last week I have been bouncing back and forth between our current office and our new office that we are in the process of moving into about 10 blocks further north of where we are now further into Midtown. How sweet are these new digs?!

I set myself up here one morning. The buildings you see there are mostly in Atlantic Station.

These bar doors separate parts of our new break room. These doors were made from repurposed wood from an over 100 year old distillery. Xbox and wii are going where the picnic tables are and then another TV will obviously go on the wall there (after we get the bark added to the wall).  I can't wait to get in here every day for lunch. 

Soon this will be our main lobby

The view of Buckhead

I worked a little late Friday, and eventually just had to throw in the towel and tell my boss "Sayonara, sucker." I met Billy at the baseball field just as they were getting out of their meeting to prep for baseball try outs which start today (Monday). The other Billy and Meg, their little one, Addie, and some of the other coaches met us at the Ale house for dinner. It's nice to have our little gang back together for another season.

Saturday Billy and I got up and decided to head to Dawsonville to the outlets. We didn't have much better to do, and I needed some work winter work clothes. I'm convinced people in my office building think I am still a broke college kid, because half the time I still dress like it. We got there and found out the loft outlets were having an extra 40% off all already clearance priced things! Woop yeah! I was able to get this outfit for a wopping $30! The skirt was about $25 and the cardigan was $5-ish.

That night we went to the new theater at North Point to see Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Billy's entire family are HUGE Tom Clancy fans, and were all very skeptical going into this one, but we all were on the edge of our big fancy recliners the whole time. PS: Big fancy recliner theaters are better than any other, hands down. 

Sunday, I met my college roomies for lunch and an afternoon at Dave and Busters. It was nice getting to see them again, and any excuse to get to play shuffle board is a good one. 
Please ignore the fact that my hair looks like garbage and my shirt being tucked in makes it look like I have a pooch.


  1. I'm digging the laptop cover. Want to send me one? Haha.

  2. We live pretty close to the outlets! They're always fun to go to! That new office makes me want an office job :)