October 6, 2009

Live at the Plantation 2009 - Let's do it again

I'm just taking a stab at guessing this number, but I'd say there were well over 7,000 people gathered together on a hillside within the Tucker Plantation in Colbert, GA to see 4 of the biggest performers in Georgia Country music. I'd be willing to say this was one of the greatest nights of my life, as well of many others who were there.

I arrived shortly after the gates open to find a crowd larger than I expected already waiting for Jason to go on 2 hours before the show was even scheduled to start - we all know that these things never start on time. I was lucky enough to get to give Lyn a hand again, so I got the opproutnity to mingle with the dozens of muscians that were backstage. I gotta tell you, these guys are characters. Not only were the muscians wonderful to work with and have for company, but the guys at RockdogEntertainment are in a league all their own! Brian, Chad, and the others did an amazing job of pulling an event of such great magnitude off without any hitch that was noticiable (if there were any at all).. not to mention were they friendly, helpful, and very appreicitive.

Jason took the job of kicking off the night! The second he hit the stage, he did it running - figuratively of course. He was dropping jaws, turning heads, and making impressions. Because of being press for time, he only got the chance to perform a short 30 minute set, but that was all it took to get the crowd going and to get his name heard. Being on the "Jason Coley Team," I found it pretty exciting that 5,000 people heard his name and will remember it. After hearing crowd reactions, it's pretty obvious that Jason made an impression. I didn't get to sit back and enjoy Jason's set like I'm accustomed to because I was running 290378 an hour snapping pictures and climbing over drumsets and partially drunk people doing so.
What I did get to actually take in was wonderful. Jason's shows are always great, but when there is a crowd he steps up and outdoes himself - never fails. After his set, if followed Jason and his fans as he made his way to his merch table. Seeing the long line of young fans was impressive and oddly enough, humbling.

It was Brantley's turn next. I will probably be a fan of Brantley till the day I die. He is one of the most talented artists I believe there is. He and his band performed well, but I would still recommend seeing him in a smaller venue. This was the first time that I heard him play his new song, "in the sticks," which will be featured on the new album Halfway to Heaven which is planned to be realsed in Februrary 2010.

I was definately impressed with Colt Ford. This guy is a hell of a performer. He is almost a different person once he takes the stage. I just assumed, "oh it's a country rapper; sounds good on a track, but how good can the guy be on stage. I caught myself not taking pictures because I was mezmorized with what the band was doing. It was an honest to god SHOW. Colt brings in other members of his band for solos or duets like "Dirt Road Anthem" with Brantley Gilbert. DRA was an awesome collaboration that really brought down the house Friday night. I never thought I'd say this since I was so skeptical at first, but I wouldn't mind seeing Colt Ford as his own headliner. His DVD "Country as it Does" comes out tonight, and if I really would like to get my hands on it.

Luke Bryan rounded out the list and ended the night for everyone. I saw him about a year ago at the Georgia Theatre (RIP) and said that he was the best show I've ever seen. This show was just as power packed! I just hate that he was unable to play some of my favorites of his. What can you do though? I had the priviledge of meeting him backstage, and was really impressed by how down to earth the guy was considering his stardom. I know the guy is human, but seeing him mingle with the rest of the boys reminded me that he was a real person and not just a guy on my tv.

Overall, I had the night of my life. Getting the chance to meet Luke,ColtLance Stinson, Mister Moby, and Bobby Compton, and seeing Branley and J again made this a night to remember. I'm still on cloud 9 looking back over the pictures or when I watch After the Plantion. Speaking of After the Plantation, you should check it out! I'm proud to say I helped make it happen, and hope to do it again soon!
Thank you Rockdog Entertainment for making it happen. Thanks to all the staff. Thanks to the artists. & Thanks to the fans who came out and made truly the experience!

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