January 9, 2009

He's just NOT that into you..

Years ago I heard of this book; I think on a forum or something like that. I just never looked into it. I kind of figured it'd be on the shelf right next to The Complex Infrastructure known as the Female Mind.
A few nights ago, I was reading quotes online, and found quote after quote after QUOTE from this book. I was thinking about buying the book to read it's entirety. If they didn't have me laughing, they had me nodding in agreement. Shortly there after, a preview came on Tv for a movie that had been inspired by the same book. The deal was made, and I went and bought it yesterday! (Shocker, I know, I bought a book!)
Right, now I'm about 3/4 of the way finished. It's a little it's witty and honest - much like me. I've laughed. I've contimplated. I've came to grasp with some of my awful/unhealthy habits. Most importantly, I've decided to take a new outlook on dating.
I'm thinking this will be helpful, because I wont be valuable time making excuses for someone who apparently doesn't deserve it. I'll save myself a lot of tears, wasted hours by the phone, heartache, unanswered questions, and most importantly lost time! I mean, why am I still hanging onto the ass that hasn't call me, when I can find someone who won't forget to(You call it "forget." I call it "chose not to").
Oh yes, Now comes the time when I am supposed to tell you to rush to Barnes and Noble or open a new browser to amazon.com. Notice I said NEW BROWSER; keep reading my stuff - don't x out. But yes, this book is actually a breath of fresh air. It's brutaly honest but eye opening at the same time. It's simplicity will make you feel somewhat.. well, stupid for not realizing these things before.

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