February 10, 2010

So with the introduction of Google Buzz, I was inspired to post an update just so that I have a little substance to go onto my "buzzes" I guess that's what they are called on there..?

School is in session and after I dropped my BSTAT class, it is going very smoothly. Honestly, I had a huge weight lifted off my shoulders when the woman in the registrar's office said "ok, done." after I turned in the paperwork withdraw from the class.

I've finally met a guy who treats me like the princess I am not. His name is Billy. He's too, too sweet to me, and has left this permanent smile on my face. He has pretty much got me melted into the palm of his hand, and I'm perfectly ok with being goo. :)

I really have nothing going on besides spending as much time as I can with Billy. I really don't seem to want to do anything but spend time with him these days. He's the highlight of my events--what can I say?

Well, just to avoid a useless post, I'm going to stop before I start blabbering about pointless information that no one cares about, I'm going to focus more of my attention on the Dawson's creek episode that's playing. yes, I have also developed a love of Dawson's Creek after visiting Wilmington this fall, and I am determined to pass Ashlyn in our season watching race. She got a head start, but I'm still going to win. :)

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